Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

The sunrise over Jakarta's sky

Wednesday is here again and how are you, dear friends?

Our days amidst the pandemic continue and I have to say, although I don't like it a bit of it but we have adjusted ourselves to it. My kids have, too. Especially since they have to endure online classes for 5 days a week with some extra home works as well. 

Work wise, I have been working with my team to prepare for the UN Human Rights Council and UN General Assembly. The new session has started for HRC and soon, the 75th session of the UNGA is opened. It's a crazy combo, I know, but we have done this for quite some times now. The agenda is certainly packed as always and being an active member of the UN, including the UN Human Rights Council and the Non Permanent member of the UN Security Council, we have a lot to contribute.  A lot of documents and statements are coming and I have been drafting since I don't know when hehehe. 

Great thing is I have a strong team and we all now know what to expect. Although many sensitive issues will be brought up this session, I sincerely hope we are ready. Too bad I won't be traveling to Geneva or New York this time due to the pandemic. 

The Frakarsas' cats

Btw, I have been documenting our cats in photos and videos and manage to have that ready for Youtube. Come check it out HERE and you also see them here in this post. Kiki, Plum and Cemong are indeed our dearest furry friends. Since we spend so much time at home, we spend more time with them as well and they can be very entertaining indeed.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead and we will party again next week. And now, 

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  1. Photo-photonya keren-keren abis
    Saya suka sekali

  2. Rabu yang akan selalu seru ya Mbak. Meski pandemi masih ogah berlalu, kita yang terpaksa kembali tinggal di rumah tak boleh kehilangan semangat. Sementara aktif bekerja di kantor lagi, mari isi sosial media kita, misal edit video untuk Youtube :)

  3. HIkss, suasana pandemi ini berasa lagi anyepnya, ku juga lagi isolasi mandiri nih Mba,Mari smangat buat kita semua, mari kita isi sosmed dengan karya yang kreatif dan narsis eehh

  4. Salam buat Kiki plum dan cemong ya mbak,bisa jadi mereka juga jadi penghibur selama berada dirumah saat ini

  5. Semangat buat yang psbb lagiii, btw gemes banget mememngnyaa, bisa jadi penghibur juga saat pandemic kaya gini yaa hihi

    1. Iyaa bangett.. itu menghibur pisan memengnyaaa.
      Semangat buat kita semuaaa

  6. Alhamdulillah hari ini diawali dengan sesuatu yang baik, semoga akan terus baik hingga malam nanti ^_^

  7. Selamat hari Selasa Mba Indah...
    Itu kucing bikin gemes dan cemburu. Kok kucing bisa gemuk dan gede gitu sih, sementara anak saya tidak. Wkwkwkwkkk... Pakannya salah kali ya anak saya nih...

  8. Baca tulisan UN Human Rights di atas, jadi ingat sama seorang teman yang pernah saya kenal di Lombok. Sebelumnya dia di PLJ bertahun-tahun, setahun terakhir ini baru pindah ke UN Human Rights, tapi di Geneva sana. Namanya George Hodge.

  9. seneng lihat foto kucingnya :) pasti jadi temen sejati disaat pandemi seperti ini agar tetap terjaga kesehatan mentalnya, salam buat si pus :)

  10. Kucingnya lucu banget, mbak Indah. Gemes pengin nyubit, hehe. Sehat selalu mbak indah, semoga acaranya lancar. Aamiin

  11. Kucingnya asi gemesin, si mpus juga ikutan dirumah aja dong mba selama pandemi ini, ga bisa ngapel ke kucing tetangga yaaa hihi

  12. Gagal fokus sama kucingnya mbak, siapa namanya tuh? di sini juga ada kucing putih angora begitu, mereka kayaknya gak doyan gulat ya, sukanya tiduran dan santai hihihi makanya jadi gembul gitu ya

  13. anak ku lagi minta kucing mulu, punya tetangga ditungguin terus eh liat foto kucing di blog nya kak indah kok gemes ya, gembul bangetttt bulunya

  14. Sama kayak mba Cici, anakku juga minta kucing. Tapi aku ngerasa nggak usah karna jujur takut. Tapi nih kucing lucuu

  15. Ikut sedih karena perjalanan ke Jenewanya terhambat Mbak, namun semoga pekerjaan lain dan juga PJJ anak-anak tetap lancar selama pandemi ini ya! Semangaaaat selaluuu!!! :)

  16. Work wise di masa pandemi ya penting banget ya, Mbak Indah. Ah semoga pandemi segera berlalu dan kehidupan manusia bisa kembali normal ya. Sekarang bekerja juga tetap mesti aware dengan sekitar dan ini bikin degdegan juga

  17. your cat is so beautiful...
    I'd love to pet her someday because i love cat too

  18. Salfok sama kucingnya yang imut mbak, semoga pandemi ini bisa selesai dan kita bisa kembali beraktivitas ya mbak.

  19. We didn't get to travel this year, due to the pandemic either. I'm used to not doing too much, but wish I could have a different job. As I'm typing this, I was supposed to have a phone interview at 11, here it is 11:14 and no call. I plan on calling them, since they didn't call me.

  20. kucingnya kok lucu banget mbaak.. keliatan sehat dan terawat sekali, gendut dan bulu2nya indah. punya berapa kucing di rumah, mbak?

  21. Mbak kucingnya lucu banget. Aku juga punya kucing warna item namanya Iteung hehe....
    Kucing bisa bikin bahagia, Mbak. Anak-anak akan belajar bertanggung jawab dan menyayangi dengan kehadiran kucing :)

  22. Kenapa saya jadi fokus sama kucingnya ya, lucu nian.


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