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Ramadhan is almost over.

Only days before we all celebrate the Eid-Al Fitr, the day when we celebrate the victory of our battle against our own demons, bad deeds and all the unkind personalities within us. I have to admit my Ramadhan this year is not fully and solemnly observed. I feel like I should do more and more. 

I was really caught up with my offline-turning-to-online training and its assignments as well the office works. Plus more distractions that I let myself into. Well, I know it might sound like a lame excuse but I guess I'm the one who miss all the remarkable benefits the Holy Month is offering. At this point, I sincerely hope I will be given the opportunity to observe Ramadhan next year. Insya Allah. 

And wishing you all a wonderful and solemn Eid Al-Fitri, wherever you are!

Anyway, this Work From Home session will soon be adjusted. Believe me, we have more and more activities coming in the horizon. Seems like Corona does not dampen the spirit and we look for ways to remain productive while waiting for more progress in our fight against this deadly virus. Indonesia is still showing higher and higher number of confirmed cases. I sometimes am speechless to see how people tend to be reckless during these days. I don't want to blame Ramadhan or Eid -al Fitr as the reason why people seem to sprout out and go on with day-to-day business as if nothing dangerous might happen. It's not fair to blame this holy month, as this is supposed to be the time when we restrain ourselves from making reckless and inconsiderate actions such us going out without mask and flocking in the market. At this point, I only hope people will come to their senses without having to learn the hard way.

stay at home by Nadine Frakarsa

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  1. mbak Indah, minal aidzin wal faidzin ya :) mohon maaf kalau ada salah kata , sehat selalu

  2. Minal aidin walfaidzin kak. Selamat berlebaran. Kesel sih liat berita masih pada kelayapan seolah ga ada apa2. Hadeuh, psbb ga kelar2.

  3. Selamat lebaran mba mohon maap lahir batin, aku juga lebaran dirumah aja nih

  4. Biasanya seminggu menjelang ramadhan berakhir tuh suka sedih deh, apalagi saat sekarang ini kita dihadapkan dengan menjalankan ramadan ditengah pandemi. Tapi aku masih bersyukur karena masih diberikan kesehatan dan terus bersama keluargaku.

  5. Waktu 10 hari terakhir Ramadhan, aku malah dapat haid. sedih banget padahal mau merasakan hari terakhir Ramadhan dengan baik.

  6. Semoga ramadan nanti bisa kita sambut lagindg kebiasaan yang lebih baik ya mba

  7. Masih suasana lebaran, Minal aidzin wal faidzin ya kak, semoga bisa di pertemukan dengan ramadhan" berikutnya.

  8. Happy Idul Fitri Mba Indah, semoga Mba dan keluarga semuanya selalu diberkahi dan lebaran tahun depan dapat dinikmati secara normal ya mba, aamiin

  9. Happy to read your blog ka Indah, well like you said.. di rumah aja kita jadi bisa memiliki quality time dan ibadah dengan keluarga kecil.. tentu dengan sedikit rasa pusing dengan pekerjaan yg sedikit rumit jika dilakukan dirumah

  10. so happy to read your blog mba, minal aidzin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin ya mba Indah

  11. Kalau anak sehat, happy drumah sebagai bentuk kegembiraan ya mbaa

  12. Have a happy Eid mbak :) Mohon maaf lahir batin dan sehat sehat ya mbak sekeluarga :)

  13. Belum percaya kalau Pemerintah mengambil jalan ini yaitu berdamai dengan virus Corona.
    Semoga Allah lindungi kita semua dari pandemi virus ini yaa, kak..

    Happy Eid Mubarrak 1441 H

  14. Udah budaya bertahun2 gak tahu sejak kapan emang masyarakat kita maunya idul fitri tu istimewa makanya ya gtu deh pd keluar ke pasar dll.
    Kalau kami pribadi membiasakannya ke anak2 hari raya yg sebaiknya lbh dimeriahkan adalah idul adha, makanya saat lebaran idul fitri di rumah aja gk mudik bukan big problem.
    Yaaa yg penting semua sehat ya mbak, selamat merayakan lebaran ya mbak, moga tahun depan kita semua ketemu ramadan lg aamiin

  15. Eid Mubarak 1441 H. Aku salfok sama sajadah purple-nya. Lucu... anyway, bahagia selalu mbak keluarganya.

  16. Maap lahir batin mba Indah, semoga bahagia selalu dan sehat selalu
    meski berbeda kali ini tetep bersyukur dan bahagia.

  17. Maaf lahir batin ya mbak, Semoga sehat selalu ya dan tetap semangat ya mbak walau lebaran kali ini berbeda ya mbak

  18. It makes me sad to hear that you also have people being careless there about the virus. Last weekend it made me so sad to see so many people out and about last weekend. They need to be reminded that just because the weather is nice it does not mean the virus is gone. I fear we will have many more cases with this kind of attitude from our citizens here.


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