Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Work From Home and School From Home Week #2 and counting.

How is everyone surviving? enjoying it so far? Or you long to go back out there and be free again?

I know exactly how it feels.
And before long we can feel that we all are stressed out from the bleak pictures.

I do miss traveling.. this one is taken from my trip to Tokyo, Japan

My kids are regularly supplied with materials and exercises as well assignments by their teachers. Regardless of the joy of staying at home with gadgets around and non-stop wifi, the kids do miss their schools, especially their friends. Me, too.

In my case, since I am also a student at this moment since I joined the senior diplomatic training sing the beginning of February, I myself do have tons of assignments. Including my final paper. God knows how work from home is not that easy at all as it requires a high level of discipline and perseverance. Some qualities that I might be lacking :).

I somehow get writer's block for my soon - due final paper and I really have to work on it. At least I'm trying to read all the relevant materials and see what proposals I have for my scenario planning. Geez, back to school is not that easy :).

Meanwhile, things are looking grim here with the soaring numbers of confirmed cases of COVID 19. Stringent self-quarantine and social distancing are continuously being strongly urged. We are doing everything we can to help improve the situation and fight this virus!

Meanwhile, let's join our linky party, Wonderful Wednesday, with My Purple World, Oh mY Heartsie Girls and Friends.

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  1. Itu hello kittynya sebesar apa? Aku membayangkan apakah kita bisa minum dari botol di dekatnya hihihi..

  2. waw, hello kittynya unyuu sist. pengen koleksi tapi bingung belinya dimana. hikz. btw aku juga berencana pergi haji tahun ini. terancam batal gara-gara ada wabah ini. sedih deh..

  3. anakku suka sekali hello kitty mba :( duh saya jadi kangen nitip snack Jepang2an sama temen hahaha semoga semua segera berlalu ya mbak jadi bisa travelling lagi

  4. Semoga segera dapat pencerahan byat final examnya ya mba hehehe.. semangat!

  5. Sedih banget dengan WFH dan SFH ini. Rindu aktifitas seperti biasa. Semoga keadaan ini segera berakhir ya.. aamiin

  6. lihat hello kitty, pengen punya.. lihat makanan, auto laper.. lihat prakarya, pengen bikin.. dasar aku ini mudah tergoda wkwkwk XD BTW semoga wabah ini cepat berlalu, aku juga kangen temen2ku kak :"")

  7. so far I enjoying my work from home mba, karena bisa nulis blog banyak heheh. rumahnya cantik banget yang featuring Clearissa Coward, suka yang outfitnya Karen juga

  8. aku happy banget bisa dirumah bareng yang lain, karena biasanya yang wfh aku sendiri dirumaah

  9. Salah fokus sama hello kittynya mba, kalau anakku liat pasti minta hahha

  10. Masa-masa belajar yang masih harus dijalani entah sampai kapan ya Mbak Indah. Semoga kita semua bisa melaluinya dengan baik.

  11. Mbak Indah, ngomong2 Linky Party itu apa ya? Hehehe sudah lama pengen nanya di WA tapi lupa terus. Have wonderful weekend yes, Mbak

  12. I always love when you share a great things. Tapi aku gafok sama Kitty di paling atas, pengen punya juga hehe

  13. sejauh ini work from aku dan si hubby masih aman terkendali walaupun kadang rasa bosan pasti menghampiri yaaa, hihhihi, semoga kondiri ini segera membaik dan ber akhir amiiin

  14. What a cute Kitty, hope this Corona things end soon and we can do things freely. Dan semoga bisa segera traveling lagi ya mba :)

  15. Ku gagal pokus sama hello kittynya, soalnya kk olive koleksi jugaa, ampe tembok kamarnya digambarin hellokity segede gaban.

    SAmpe saat ini wfh ku masih aman tentrem loh jinawi, hihii, pen menikmati santuy duluu.

  16. Pengen banget bisa work from home, tapi kantor ga menerapkan itu untuk cabang tempatku kerja. Stau happy and healthy ya untuk mama bi sekeluarga

  17. Anak-anak masih bisa menjadikan ortu gurunya, tp jelas teman-teman mereka pasti dirindukan.
    Saya malah berlama-lama memandang rumah putih itu. Impian banget bisa ngecat putih,terasa damai dan minimalis aja

  18. I hope this current situation will getting better. Anak-anak bisa kembali ke sekolah dan main lagi bareng teman-temannya. Untung zaman sudah canggih ya, jadi banyak kegiatan bisa dilakukan di rumah dan tetap bisa bertemu dengan orang meskipun hanya lewat monitor. Semangat, kak! Semoga final papernya bisa segera rampung.

  19. Idem ternyata walau di rumah aja juga agak susah nyelesein kerjaan. Apalagi anak2 butuh dibantu belajarnya. Tapi ya sudahlah dinikmati aja sambol doa yang kenceng agar pandemi lekas berlalu.

  20. Tiba-tiba saja mata saya langsung terpaku pada foto Hello Kitty huhuhu ... ini boneka favorit dan pernah menjadi ikon di IG saya. Intinya mah, beraktivitas di rumah itu kudu kreatif, gak boleh mati kutu ^_^

  21. So sad many things we couldn't do including traveling! But we know that this too shall pass

  22. I hope you will fulfil all of your assignments soon. Keep spirit on studying, Mam. I know you can.
    Hope this corona virus will disapeare as soon as possible. Really miss the freedom to go to many places and enjoy the life as well.

  23. Hello Kitty is so fun! We used to tease that our oldest loves her. He doesn't really. It was just a running joke.

  24. My daughter is missing her friends terribly too, but they do Facetime and Zoom. Thank goodness for modern technology so they can still be connected even when they can't be together!

  25. Tetap semangat ya, Mbak ngerjain peernya. Aku pun lagi writer's block dan berusaha menumbuhkan semangat lagi.


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