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Enjoy the beauty of Indonesia :)
Hello again and happy to welcome you back on another round of our weekly link party.

Just a little update from my corner, where live has pretty much continue in its usual pace.
Meetings, draftings, reports, and more meetings are pretty much in the horizon.
But I's super excited as I will be back to 'school' in a way and join the senior diplomatic training.

I have probably mentioned it to you before and I have formally submitted my application.
I am happy to have a good TOEFL score as well.
647 out of 677.
Well, not that bad at all I suppose, after being away from school fro quite some times and the last time I did the test was probably 6 - 7 years ago.
I was a bite nervous I had no time at all to prepare but I crashed the night before reading the old book of TOEFL preparation and ended up sleeping faster LOL.
All in all, I guess I am ready now and I still have series of tests before I can formally join the program.

Meanwhile, my son is getting ready for the final test.
They also have so many tests in between as well, including cooking test!
So the boys, my son and 3 of his friends, came to the house last weekend to practice cooking nasi goreng, the famosu Indonesian fried rice.
It was hilarious to see them learning how to cook when they don't even know different types of onion nor never peel an onion before. It went well though..my son was pretty much do everything as he's quite a cook hehehe. Their nasi goreng tasted good and I sincerely hope they will produce the same thing during the real practice/test at school.Too bad I didn't take pictures of their work. I should have, shouldn't I?

I am spending some times in Bandung, the capital city of West Java, for meetings and this time, I took the train to go here.
It's always fun to take the train and I love the wonderful view we can definitely enjoy along the way.

Read also: Bandung - Jakarta by Train for more lovely photos and stories from the train.

View from the train

So now, let me invite you to our weekly Wonderful Wednesday and have fun with the links!

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  1. Ulalaaaa, score TOEFL tinggi buangeett Mba
    Semoga anakku bisa ikuti jejak mb Indah, score TOEFL maknyusss dan bisa jadi diplomat RI jugak.
    Btw, aku juga sukaaakk ke BDG naik KA :)

    1. aamiiin YRA mbaaa...yang penting selalu semangaaat belajaar yaaaa.. All the best untuk anandaaa

  2. Sejuk banget ya Indonesiaku, liat fotonya yang hijau gitu, rasanya makin cinta deh sama negara ini :)

    Btw, keren banget Mba TOEFLnya :)

    1. beneer mba..cantik hijau royo - royooo...aku suka bangeet. Dan banyak lagi tempat - tempat cantik di seluruh negeri

  3. Selamat menikmati pemandangan indah persawahan (sebelum jadi gedung-gedung, mungkin, di masa depan, semoga enggak) yang sulit sekali kita dapati di luar negeri. Aku selalu maknyuss terharu dan gerimis gitu di hati tiap naik kereta (kecuali KRL wakakak) syahdu aja rasanya. Lihat kesederhanaan dan kebersahajaan penduduk lewat jendela. :") aaah jadi kangen pulkam naik keretaaa ke jawa tengah

  4. Wah mbak btw blog mbak itu bagus, karena english. Berkarakter

  5. Saya udah lama gak naik kereta. Dan udah lama juga gak lihat sawah. Suasana dan pemandangan yang bikin kangen semuanya

  6. Keren itu Mbak Indah TOEFL score-nya, apalagi malamnya tak sempat belajar maksimal ya? Berarti memang udah bagus tuh. Selamat ya, Mbak. Kalau ke Bandung, aku juga paling suka naik kereta karena sepanjang perjalanan bisa lihat pemandangan indah. Beda banget dengan kalau naik bis atau mobil ke Bandungnya.

  7. Selamat menikmati bandung dengan menggunakan kereta ya mbak.. pemandangan yang jarang bisa dinikmati ya mbak.. btw, salfok akutu sama skor TOEFL nya bisa jadi motivasi aku nih.. udah lama banget ngga ikutan test lagi..

  8. Mba itu skornya keren banget hahhaha aku jadi inget dulu TOEFL aku pas banget deh hahaha kudu banyak belajar lagi nih

  9. Satu hal yang membuat saya senang melakukan perjalanan menggunakan kereta api yakni bisa menikmati pemandangan pesawahan dan gunung dari balik jendelanya.
    BTW, pencapaian nilai TOEFL-nya kereen, deh!

  10. Whaatt...?
    i haven't got the best score of TOEFL.
    Maybe i should read mba Inda's post time to time and try to deep learning from it.

  11. Aku selalu suka kalo naik kereta dari Jogja ke Bandung, viewnya cantik banget. Melewati lembah yg kiri kanannya gunung. Beda kalo jalur dari Jogja-jakarta hahahaha

  12. I love to enjoy views out there when traveling by train. So many paddy fields, sea, and other good things of our earth. ;)

  13. Di deket rumah aku di kampung viewnya juga persawahan hijau hijau gtu mbak Indah.. Asikk pokoknya. Ahha

  14. Seru banget berjalan-jalan memakai kreta, saya pun pernah mbak, apalagi menuju jogja ...viewnya banyak hamparan sawah

  15. Wow skornya tinggi bangeeett, AKu terakhir kyknya ujian TOEFL pas buat syarat kelulusan tu 500an itu juga mefet sekali krn emang ditarget segitu wkwkwk :D
    Skrng lg berjuang mau ikutan JLPT heuheuheu
    Kangen eui naik kereta ke Bandung, terakhir udah 2 tahun lalu xixixi

  16. Congrats on your great test score. I am sure your son is going to be a master chef in no time :)


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