Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

How’s your week, dear friends?

A lovely week as my boy is celebrating his 13th birthday.
All the very best for the nearest future, love. We al love you so very very very much.

But on the other side, my week has been filled with so many visits to the hospital and doctors. I even spent our anniversary day at the hospital with my hubby. As I have shared before, I am in the process of checking things out my womb. I do face a few anomalies and doctor as well as my oncologist have decided to go with further tests. Wish me luck! I hope nothing is wrong with it and I can go on with my usual hormone treatment that I got after the chemo.

On the other side, my kids have concluded their mid term test and now are ready for holiday break. We have not decided where to go or what to do but surely new year is coming.
How about you? Any plans for Christmas and New Year?

One thing for sure, let’s have fun with our weekly link party, Wonderful Wednesday, with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends.

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  1. Selamat ulang tahun buat putranya, semoga suami lekas puling dan mbak indah diberi kesabaran untuk mwndampingi proses pemulihan suami ya

    1. Thanks mba.. suamiku udah pulih, gantian yang masuk RS aku hehe

  2. lucu-lucu deh ornamennya mbak, happy birthday ya buat si kakak. Semoga sehat selalu dan sukses menyertai. Semoga lekas sembuh juga untuk misua mbak indah

    1. Thanks mba.. makasih doanya. Ini suamiku udah sembuh ya, yg lagi di RS sekarang aku.. gantian ๐Ÿ˜‡

  3. Selamat ulang tahun ya untuk buah hatinya. Sudah besar ya, sudah usia 13 tahun. Semoga makin cerdas, pintar dan makin sayang dg orang tuanya.

    Dan untuk suami Mba Indah, semoga seger pulih.

    Mba Indah, stay strong. Jaga kesehatan juga ya.

  4. Selamat ultah buat anaknya mbak Indah, ini anak pertama kan ya?
    Hasil tesnya udah keluar mbak? Semoga bagus2 aja dan selalu sehat ya mbak Indah.

  5. Lucu gemes semua. Selamat ultah Kakak sehat selalu untuk Mba Indah sekeluarga ya

  6. waaah banyak hal yg berlalu ya. semoga nilai tes sang buah hati bagus yaaaa. kak indah juga semoga selalu sehat yaa

  7. Happy blessed day for Bo, semoga selalu menjadi anak sholih kebanggaan papa mama yaaa... Keep healthy for Mama Bo & Obi, semoga enggak ada apa-apa ya with your womb. Sehat selalu untukmu dan Pak Udi.

  8. Kakaaa....sehat-sehat selalu yaa..
    Semoga makin kuat!

    Happy holiday, kak...
    And im sure that it will be the best holiday, ever!

  9. Baarakallahu fiikum Mbak Indah sekeluarga. Semoga Bo makin cerdas dan jadi anak muda shalih kebanggaan keluarga dan Mbak Indah semoga sehat selalu, yaa.

  10. Happy Birthday Ka' Bo..
    Semoga hari-harinya penuh warna dengan keceriaan dan tawa.
    Sehat-sehat terus mba Indah serta keluarga

  11. Wah Kakak Bo ultah ya
    Semoga tumbuh jadi anak cerdas dan sholih ya, Kak
    Kalau asa waktu, main main ke Surabaya ajak Mama dan dek Obi ya

  12. I hope he had a wonderful 13th birthday! My daughter just turned 16 this month and me 40! Lots of milestone birthdays here.


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