Luxurious and Inspiring Stay at Conrad Bali Hotel - Perfect Holiday Spot

Welcome to Conrad Bali
As I stepped into the room, I immediately embraced the cool breeze welcoming me to my room. I instantly smiled.
After being refreshed with cool towel and fresh welcome drink (Sprite and lemongrass are super cool!) when I arrived around 20 minutes ago, coming to my beautiful room is indeed the reason why I come to this hotel.
I feel homy.
And super comfy.

Bli Made, the bell boy helping me with the luggage, softly informed all the amenities of the room. He offered further helps should I need more. Such a friendly guy.

Well, welcome to Conrad Bali Hotel!

Sunrise at Benoa, the backyard of Conrad Bali Hotel

Luxurious hotel, feels like home. Lovely pools!

That's my tag for Conrad Hotel Bali.

And I do enjoy my luxurious and inspiring stay at Conrad Hotel Bali.

Conrad Bali Hotel.
Have you heard of it before?
Or probably you have spent some nights here as well?
One thing for sure, I have stayed in this hotel couple of times before and I keep coming back.

"Love the hospitality, the staff and the pools!"

I first stayed in Conrad Bali back in 2011.
Indonesia was the Chairman of ASEAN at that time and I was on duty to be the liaison officer for the Prime Minister of Lao.
He stayed in the Suite while I got the Ocean View not far from his complex.
Lucky me!
That's when I first fell in love with its amazing room, hospitality, and services. Let alone the amazing view I got to enjoy on daily basis.

Welcome to Conrad Bali Hotel

Then, I get back in 2019 for the preparation of my event.

We stayed at the Ocean View as well and enjoyed every part of the hotel.
It was a packed visit we once again wooed by Conrad Bali's endless charm.
We got the check the rooms and the whole facilities in the vicinity.
Love it!

And a week after, I came back for the third time and definitely happy to be back!

the ocean view room

The room is spacious with big balcony and lounging sofa inside and at the balcony. Comfortable mattress, lovely pillows and bed sheets are to die for. 

I mean, be honest.. we don't always find or be lucky enough to have nice, back-supporting mattress in the hotel. Most of their mattresses are soft. Too soft or simply too worn out.
The same goes with the pillows.
But that's not the case with Conrad Bali Hotel.
I find the bed so comfy yet support my backache-prone body.
Another reason to sleep early and wake up late.

The interior of the newly - renovated room is also fresh and directly reminding you of the ocean. Fresh turquoise and ocean - blue colors are popping out from the cushions, pillows, and rug. The Balinese carvings adorn the room as well, be it as the night light cover and wall decoration.
Such a feast for the eyes!

The twin bed 
I love the fact that there is a huge plate of fresh food with hand - written post card greeting me personally as I entered the room. 
Moreover, it have mangosteen! One of the my favorite tropical fruits! 
It certainly costed my tons to get some while we were in New York.
And while in Indonesia, especially Bali which has been famous for its tropical fruits as well, I can definitely enjoy it to my heart's content.

Welcome..and enjoy the fruit!

The view of the  ocean and the pools is amazing!
I could vividly hear the swirling water and the waves from the distance.
Inviting you to come down and plunge yourself in the fresh water.
Such a calming sound for me.

Gorgeous view, isn't it!

Now let's take a look at the bath room and the amenities.

They are lovely as well as complete. 
Here in the bathroom, you get your private bath tub, shower and obviously toilet.
The bathroom is spacious and you can fell its luxury it makes you wanna stay there longer than you should LOL
The Mandarin Tea collection is super nice, ranging from the bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, refreshing body lotion, comb, dental kit, shower cap, nail file, and more. Power outlet, huge and make up mirror, as well as hair dryer are available.
And in the bath tub you can find bath salt infused with fragrant frangipani!
I love it!

My cozy corner..

You definitely have complete mini bar in the room, free water, coffee and tea with sugar and cream, with coffee maker and water boiler ready. Slippers, bath robes, hangers, ironing board and iron, plus safety box as well as shoe shine and related amenities are there for you to use. And there is one big woven beach bag that you can use during your stay.  

The room is indeed exquisite!

I have everything captured in my video about Conrad Bali Hotel at my YouTube channel.
Feel free to have the tour of the room below :).

And as you step outside, they have many pools for you to try! 
Truly many lovely choices to explore while spending some times here.
You can jog along the shore line then plunge yourself to the nearest pool in the vast area of the hotel.
You can definitely hit the gym and enjoy the spa as well.

Besides, the beach and its stunning sunrise are waiting. 

Tanjung Benoa, where the hotel is located, has long been famous for its sunrise.

So don't you there miss it!

the beach early in the morning.. when it's not the tide

The breakfast is also nice as we have so many choices, particularly the fresh fruits. 
Suku Restaurant, where you have the breakfast, is boasted with Indonesian, Western, Indian, and Japanese cuisine (and more!) perfectly tailored for your power and satisfying breakfast. Especially if you have planned to explore Bali afterwards.
I had my customized ginger-lemon-honey infused warm water made for me every morning by the helpful waitress here in the restaurant. 

Bon appetit..

I can go on and on and on about the inspiring stay I had with Canrad Bali Hotel.
But again as I said, I hope you can get more information from my YouTube video.
For sure, get more information and rate at

See you on the next adventures and stories indeed!


  1. wow, aku belum pernah ngerasain luxurious hotel mbak, viewnya ga main2 ya keren banget :) tp kamarnya tetap homey walau dari luar terlihat sangat lux

  2. MasyaAllah nyaman sekali melihat kasurnya, pengen rebahan dan beristirahat sejenak sebelum eksplor Bali...

  3. Bali is always a great idea...I want to go back to Bali again and again and again..

  4. The room looks so comfy and homy!! Blum pernah dgr canrad bali hotel. Btw view nya cantik bgt

  5. Where's my invite? LOL! Just kidding. It does look wonderful!

  6. Woaaahh what a view ! The room so luxurious and feels comfy , so in love with this hotel

  7. Aku suka ke Bali karena ya rindu dengan view yg cantik seperti itu. Kalo sdh ke Bali, kaya lupa masalah hidup ehehe

  8. Pemandangannya bagus banget ya itu dari hotelnya. Bakalan betah deh di sini. Baru kemarin ke Bali, jadi pengen ke Bali lagi deh.

  9. Belom pernah ke Bali. Jadi pengen bisa liburan kesana. Semoga nanti bisa dateng ke pulau dewata ini dan merasakan langsung apa yg ku lihat di pos kamu ini beb. Merasakan sun rise yg sesungguhnya

  10. waw hotelnyaaa waaw! bagus banget viewnya, kayaknya seminggu disana juga betah ya. bisa nih jadi referensi buat honeymoon *ea hihihi

  11. Duh Bali ini ya, gak alamnya, gak budayanya, gak hotelnya. Keren-keren. Bikin kepengen liburan terus di Bali...

  12. Waah pas kamarnya vienwnya menarik ya mbak. Bener2 hawa liburan deh kalau liat pemandangan seperti itu dari balik jendela kamar.
    Kalau sore bisa juga ke pantainya sambil nungguin matahari tenggelam yaaa

  13. What a nice stay at Conrad Bali, mam. Jadi pengin juga nginep di sana, hotelnya kece bangeeett...

  14. Kagum banget sama hotel-hotel di Bali.
    Mau milih yang kaya apaaa aja ada.
    Dan Conrad ini...keren bangeett~
    Andaikan ada anak-anak kecil ya, kak Indah...

  15. Beautiful hotel. You had great accommodations. TFS


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