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It's birthday time!

Happy birthday to me and I am happily hitting 42 this year. It was such a blessed day as we celebrated it together with Eid AL-Adha, the sacrifice  day, commemorated by all moslem brothers and sisters all over the world.

I only wish my Rabb grants us health, strength and perseverance to continue this blessed life. I sincerely hope His continued blessings will be bestowed upon us. A little story about my birthday can be read here: WW: Happy 42nd Birthday  

Meanwhile, my hubby and I started talking about our end of the year break. We are eyeing the eastern part of Indonesia, including Komodo Island, Rinjani Mountain and the Gilis. Oh my.. I am super excited. I sincerely hope it will be another great road trip we have in Indonesia. Can't wait, can't wait!

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  2. Happy happy birthday indeed and all the best for the near future! Enjoy the moment with your loved ones

  3. Mba Indaaaahh, Happy Birthdaaayy semoga senantiasa diberikan kesehatan, rezeki yg berkah berlimpah yaaa

  4. Barakallah fii umrik, mbak. Sehat selalu, lancar rezeki, tetap berkarya, dan jangan lupa bahagia.

  5. Happy birthday mbak. Semoga selalu bahagia. Semoga terlaksana liburan akhir tahunnya ya.

  6. Wah udah ngebahas rencana perjalanan akhir tahun aja, Mbak. Kalau rencananya seperti itu memang menyenangkan banget, nih

  7. Semoga apa yang menjadi kegiatan mba Insav selalu bermafaat ya mba utuk semua orang. Aku salut sama.mba insav. Ngefans baret

  8. Wah seru udah prepare aja nih buat akhir tahun... Seneng banget bisa jalan-jalan terus Mba hehe... Semoga sukses selalu ya Mba..��

  9. Happy birthday, mbak.
    I hope you will enjoy your break happily with your husband :D

  10. Happy birthday mbak Indah, semoga selalu menikmati setiap kegiatan di sisa usia. Berkah sehat, dan bahagia bersama keluarga, serta sahabat, aamiin

  11. Wuih, Mbak Indah ultah yang ke-42. Hepi beursdey, Mbak. Semoga terwujud semua keinginannya. Sehat-sehat selalu 😍

  12. Wah mba ultah yah, serius nih 42? Tp masih keliat muda loh mba, aku pikir td 30an,beneran serius,,, btw hbd yah mba semoga panjang umur, dan sehat selalu

  13. Happy 42 blessed bday ya Mam, may all goodness and happiness come to you and your family. Stay healthy and happy, my darling :*

    In a month later, I'll be 44. We are on the same group of fourties, right? :))

  14. Barakallah fii umrik, mbak insav. Sehat selalu, lancar rezeki, tetap berkarya, dan terus menginspirasi yaaa 😍😍

  15. Waahhh… selamat ulang tahun ya kak, semoga apa yang diinginkan segera terwujud… Aamiin..

  16. Happy birthday, my sista...
    Always give us lots inspirations from kak Indah's daily activity as a mother and as a government employee.

    **fans kak Indah's blog, especailly the youtube channel.

  17. Selamat ultah Mbak Insav. Waaahh udah ada rencana aja nih tahun baruannya yaa. Pastinya seru banget, semoga lancar semua rencana liburannya ya mbak :D

  18. Happy birthday, Mbak Indah! Whuaaa ikutan excited dengan plan akhir tahun ke timur indonesia. Kalo butuh asisten buat bawa koper, colek aku. hahaha

  19. Selamat ulang tahun ya, sehat selalu. Dan semoga impian ke pulau Komodo dan Rinjani terwujud. Juga sukses sepanjang jalan ya.


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