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Cheers from Geneva.. view from Salle des pas perdu, UN Office in Geneva..

Cheers from Geneva!

I am spending around a week in Geneva for Human Rights Council and flying through Istanbul again. As you can see on my previous post about the Blue Mosque, I got a chance to have a lovely transit in Istanbul. This time, we flew to the new Istanbul airport which is way bigger and much posher than the Ataturk one. And the weather is nice! Or rather hot indeed, reaching 35 degree C or around 90 degree Fahrenheit.

Geneva is enjoying its summer as well, with warm days coming this week and ahead.
Too bad, I am a bit under the weather. I guess all those travelings take a toll on me and I started feeling super tired. I have to admit that after my trip to New York City during Ramadhan followed by Lebaran Break and Surabaya, I only had a couple days or mostly a week before another trip. Well, I have to take a break a little bit I guess.

clear, hot day.
But for sure, my days in Geneva are always marvellous.
Feels like coming back to home again, meeting my dearest friends and family here.
But I guess, I will just meet them all here as we don't really have many breaks in this non-stop series of meetings. 
Wish me luck and stay healthy, people!

welcoming myself back to Geneva

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  1. Geneva is wonderful place. I'd love to see Switzerland.
    Thank you for hosting.

    1. Indeed it is, Klara. I hope you will get a chance to see this beautiful city

  2. Waw, really great place, the scenery looks very good. And guest what? u definetely tell thes tory so good, I so eager to go abroad like u, knowing how beautiful the world is

    1. Happy to know you enjoy the post. I have been writing a lot about Geneve. hope you get to visit this place soon

  3. such a great place and scenery, make me want to go there , thankyou for sharing <3

  4. wah tempatnya indah sekali :) aku ga tau Geneva punya tempat seindah ini, aku harus banyak nabung biar bisa pergi ke negara2 lain seperti mbak Indah

  5. Sering bepergian diklaim akan membuat tubuh lebih sehat (fisik dan rohani). Indah betul Geneva ini.
    Jangan lupa istirahat sejenak Mbak... sehat selaluuu... :-*

  6. Memang cakep ya mba geneva, pengen bisa kesana. Btw ini postingan collab dengan blogger perempuan di US kah? Sepertinya sering mba Indah posting

  7. Lucky you mba, have a chance to traveling and feel all the magnificent things in there. Geneva... duh cantiknyaaa

  8. toloong jangan sering2 update jalan-jalan mulu kaak.. kan aku jadi mupeeng huhu :"" semoga one day bisa ke Geneva jugaa :")

  9. Beautiful city of Geneve! Hope one day I'll be there ��

  10. there are many beautiful places to visit in Geneva. love the weather as well . anw have a nice day and always stay healthy :)

  11. Berharap bisa ke Geneva juga suatu saat mbak :') cakep banget kayaknyaa apalagi kalo bisa ada disana langsung. Semoga :')

  12. Whaaaa beautiful scenery and air mba Indaaah! I hope soon to visit Geneva, bismillah

  13. indah banget di Geneva ya Mba, fix ini mah harus banget nabung buat bepergian liburan liat tempat yang bagus bagus kaya gitu hihi

  14. Mbaaa, kapan aku ke geneva yaa. Ajak ajak dong. Hahaha. Duh itu pemandangannya bagus banget. Ngiri tingkat dewaaa

  15. Inget Jenewa aku jadi ingat sebuah novel yang menceritakan tentang keadaan di kota tersebut.
    Banyak bangunan cantik bersejarahnya yaa, kak Insav.

  16. Masya Allah tabarakallah memang Jenewa ini sangat indah sekali ya apalagi banyak bangunan bersejarah yang cantik juga di sini

  17. mba aku jadi pengen bikin frozen hot chocolate gara-gara baca post-mu, enak banget pasti buat nemenin ngeblog, luuuv :D

  18. Tampaknya lagi terik banget di sana ya mam... Langitnya bersih sekali dan seperti biasa, foto2mu selalu menawan.

  19. tempatnya bagus bangettttt, rapi bangett. aku selalu suka bangunan yang gayanya kayak gitu, huhu. jadi pengen liburan ke tempat bagus kayak gitu

  20. Masya Allah, sukaa banget lihat suasana tempatnya yang cerah dan kece gitu mbak, kapan ya saya bisa travelling ke tempat ini? bermimpi dulu kali ya, boleh kan? hehehe

  21. Mba Indah, bloghop ini semacam kegiatan untuk menambah backlink ya? Penasaran banget aku hehehe

  22. hawa hawa nya kaya di swiss neskipun aku ga pernah ksana, sebuah kota yang tenang dan peaceful, you are so lucky being there


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