NY Now - Summer 2016

Fancy to see colorful and artistic works from different corners of the world?
I do!
And I got the chance to see NY Now 2016 this summer.
This annual exhibition took place at Javits Center from August, 2016.

And how I love to see all those great collections of artisanal works and fantastic with an endless touch of creativity. I got the access to the event thanks to our Consulate General in New York City, who, together with Bekraf or Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, arranged the participation of Indonesia in NY Now 2016.

As you know, Indonesia opens a special corner in NY Now. 

Welcome to Indonesian booth

Packed with beautiful, ornate works of various artisans as well as small and medium enterprises from Indonesia, Indonesian pavilion is indeed colorful and vibrant.

I love the colors and the patterns here..

This year, we have a wide range of products being displayed during this 4-day exhibition.

welcome to Indonesian Pavilion at NY Now 2016

From vintage ceramics to raw pearls from deep blue sea. From colorful ethnic bags and wallets to edgy accessories. From geometric pillowcase to traditional hand-written Batik. We got it all :).

I managed to visit our booth in there during the exhibition.
On the last day of NY Now, visitors are allowed to buy some of the samples of displayed products if the sellers agree to sell them. I was browsing around and truly fascinated by the colorful arts and crafts shown.

For 2016, we have a list of great artists displaying their works. 

We have Galeri Pot from JC's Pottery, showing series of artistic pots made with love from hand-throwing clay. Another great work in ceramics and pottery arts is presented by Sayap studio. 

Sayap Studio and some of its pottery products

Next we have Karsa, with its furnitures and home accessories made of hand-picked materials and designed by talented Indonesian young designers. Interesting work of art is presented by SylvieRomy. with MathArt+Design as their tagline, their works are beautifully adorned with patterns and colors.

Then Tala, the archipelago living art, with Mary & Teddy Collections of Jakarta Vintage label in the forms of colorful and high quality dinnerware series. By the time I saw them, I instantly fell in love and decided to have them. And I grabbed 'em all :).

Tala's beautiful designs. I just love them...

For the bags department, we have many options as well. One of them is Lungsin, which produced exquisite, exclusive casula as well as formal accessories using the traditional handwoven textile from Indonesia. Various colorful tenun and wastra nusantara were beautifully transformed into versatile bags, wallets, laptop cases, coin purses, pouch, and many more. I grabbed this beautiful bucket bag in purple color. A great addition to my Indonesian tenun collection.

don't you just love all these colorful stuff :)

bags in different colors and form...

One of my favorite items are the jewelries.  This year, we were privileged to have Sarah Beekmans's as well as Lady Quaint's beautiful collections.

We also have more silver jewelries from Bali and Jogja. A lot to choose from.

care to have some Indonesian accessories?
And finally, the wardrobe department. We have so many colorful batik dresses, coats, jackets, as well as shawl and pashmina for you to enjoy. I love the design from one of my dear friend, Yogiswari Pradjanti.
Her brilliant ideas and designs of cute, girlie, patterns applied in dresses, tops, and jackets are super cute. I instantly ordered one cute, cat dress, in purple :).

Aren't they cute? :)

We have more from Galeri Batik Jawa with its beautiful and natural indigo batik and Datie Handicraft.

Moreover, we have more great products from Nook, Santai, versaguna, wisanka    and more.

It's great to see that we have positive comments as well as orders from buyers and exhibitors coming to NY Now this year.

seriously discussing about the products displayed and orders received

Well, we sincerely hope that Indonesian beautiful and  creative economy products, with its distinct uniqueness, designs and quality, can meet the needs and demands from global markets, including in New York and the States as a whole.

Do you like coning to an exhibition like this? 
What is your favorite Indonesian arts and crafts here?


  1. Wow! awesome display!
    really proud being Indonesian.

  2. Bangganya mba... aku langsung kepincut sm barisan clutch cantik dan perhiasan2 ituh.

  3. waa produk2nya manjain mata banget. Keren2 banget..

  4. I do love exhibitions like this. I am always so fond of the arts and textiles from Indonesia. They are so rich and vibrant in color and are so pleasing to the eye!

    1. they are indeed, Theresa...hope you have one as well :)

  5. Datie Handycraft menarik banget produk-produknya.

    Salam kenal, kesasar ke tempat ini setelah mengunjungi blognya Mbak Intan.
    Ternyata penuh inspirasi juga artikel-artikelnya.
    Terima kasih

    1. hai mas..terima kasih sudah mampir. Semoga artikelnya bermanfaat yaaa :)

  6. displaynya bagus
    the orange dress is the cutest!

    1. indeed it is mba..And I will soon have the purple one :)

  7. Kalau sudah dipamerin gini dan di LN pula...jadi keceee.

  8. Mbak, itu yang rok kucing warna-warni lucu banget, deh

  9. so, which one that you brought home LOL

  10. Whoaaaa... bagus-bagus karyanya.
    Klo gini mah rasanya nggak mau pulang...pengen beli semua XD

  11. eh.. bagus-bagus amat yang dipamerin... warnanya cerah dan terang semua... disini malah susah nyari yang kek gitu.. apa emang dibedain ya (ya pasti sih) antara produksi buat import dan yang buat dalam negeri

  12. I wish malls would be transformed into having different countries in sections, or stores. I love things from all over. In Omaha, Nebraska we lack diversity in our selection for shopping, artwork, and food.

  13. Lovely items and great photos, indah. Always nice to learn about happenings and events in other areas. #OMHGWW

  14. Baju batiknya lucu bangeeet. Ayo mbak bikin GA berhadiah baju itu heheheee


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