Sate Ayam - Indonesian Chicken Satay

Chicken satay, anyone?

Perhaps, one of the most popular Indonesian food that people, including expatriates, love is sate ayam or chicken satay.

Those living or spending some times in Indonesia will instantly realize how seriously popular this dish is as they can easily find it anywhere. Be it in the big restaurants, special satay corners or even street vendors and those using wheel charts or gerobak and come to your house directly. With those high-pitched calling, sate sate, the satay vendors will make sure that their presence is well-known so that satay lovers can enjoy delicious plate of satay, usually accompanied by a bowl of steamed rice.

Back home, we commonly have the choices of chicken or lamb. With peanut sauce or sweet soy sauce. With the liver or the skin :). Again, using the same ingredients, we can easily find sop kambing or lamb soup sold together.

As satay is traditionally charcoal-grilled, you can order the cruncy or well-done one, or medium. How I miss those street vendors :).

Here in NYC, it's relatively easy to find chicken satay in Indonesia Restaurants around the city. But as #summerisON and our grill is waiting, amidst the hot weather, I try to make it at home. Apparently it's easy and managable.

Wanna try?
Let's give it a go...

some of the ingredients :)


Breast chicken - 500gr, cut in cubes
Vegetable oil - 2 spoonful
Sweet soy sauce - 2 spoonful or as desired
Coriander - ground or use the powder
Garlic - ground or use the powder

Skewers - as needed

For the sauce:

Peanut - fried and ground for authentic flavor, or you can easily use peanut butter
Vegetable oil
Sweet soy sauce
Palm sugar
Shalot - thinly sliced
Garlic - ground

How to cook

First, we marinate the chicken. Mix the cubed chicken and sweet soy sauce, veggie oil, coriander, garlic and salt. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Don't do it too long as the sweet soy sauce will turn the color of the chicken meat. 

Once done, arrange the chicken meat in the skewers.
Prepare the grill and cook the satay as you like, medium or well-done. Don't forget to toss it around to make sure that it's well-cooked evenly.

For the sauce, we have two options. Peanut sauce or sweet soy been sauce. For the peanut sauce, if you use fresh fried peanuts, ground them well first then add water to make it like tick sauce.Then in a pan, heat 1 spoonful of vegetable oil, sauté shalot, ground garlic and chili, then add the tick peanut sauce, salt, sugar and a bit of sweet soy sauce.Mix it well and cook it in low heat to avoid burning.

If you prefer kecap or sweet soy sauce, it will be a lot easier to prepare it because you only need to mix the sweet soy sauce, chopped onion, tomatoes and and chili as you desire.

Once the satay is well cooked, add the sauce on top of it and eat it with a bowl of warm steam rice.


Hope you enjoy it as much as we do :).

Selamat makan.



  1. Di NY bisa dapat kecap Bango Mama Bo?

    1. Bisaaa mba Irul.. Maaf yaaa jadi kayak iklan hihihi

  2. favorit bangettt, n very simple hihii
    pengen ih mb indah, mau colek satu itu sateh

  3. Mbak Ade bumbu kacang nya kentel, saya malah belum pernah buat sate ayam

  4. Ini Mama Bo tenaganya dari mana sih? Kok ya sesibuk itu masih sempet masuk...

    1. hehehe...iya Amma..aku juga ngga tau :0. Kalau masak selalu semangat hehehe

  5. It does look great! I've read good and bad about Palm Oil. I don't know what to think of it.

    1. we can skip that out if you don't feel like using it..

  6. Sekarang ini aku lagi suka sate kambing, secara tensiku rendah nih, Mak. Tapi ga berani juga makan tiap hari. Selain mahal takut over dosis hehehe

  7. Looks so delicious, Mbak!
    Sate rasanya memang favorit banyak orang yang datang ke Indonesia ya. Kemarin baru ketemu orang Jepang, ditanya sukanya makan apa, dia bilang sate enak XD

  8. Tinggal di LN itu bikin kemampuan masak kita tereksplore ya indah..xixiix..kalo disini mah tinggal nunggu aja tukang sate lewat drpan rumah

  9. Wahhh! It looks so yummy! I really wish I could try this one, but I recently switched to a vegetarian diet due to health issues. I really miss chicken :(

  10. Looks delicious, indah. I do love a good peanut sauce! #OMHGWW


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