Rockefeller Center in Summer

I haven't really shown you NYC this summer, have I?
I guess, like in many corners of the States, the weather is not really friendly as it's soaring up to more than 100 degree F or around 40 degree C. Even for us, Indonesians, it's too warm, if not too hot.

But summer is always packed with wonderful outdoor activities, colorful decorations and beautiful skies.

Lately we have been strolling around the Rockefeller Center. As always, enjoying its intricate details in the garden, changed beautifully every season.

And how I love what I see in Rockefeller Center this summer!
A giant purple dragonfly made of beautiful flowers. 
In purple.. My favorite color :).
Let's take a closer look at them.

super cute dragonfly

slightly bigger..

the cooling pond

Last spring, this corner was packed with beautiful tulips. In December, we have angels smiling at us while we were chilling in the garden. This summer, these  colorful dragonflies really steal everyone's attention.

So, if you get a chance to stroll around this area, don't miss the chance to enjoy Rockefeller Center and take pictures.

I stopped there after enjoying free Citi summer concert with a special guest of Celine Dion.
I know, Celine Dion :).
And the concert was free.

lining up since 4.30 in the morning :)

Although I lined up since 4.30 in the morning to get the spot, it was a lovely morning 'exercise for me and Celine Dion lovers. I practically grow up with her songs, all those lovely hits and upbeat tracks, as well as her famous balads. I only managed to see her from afar (apparently people were lining up since 10 PM the night before >_<), but I was happy to sing along with her that morning :). Not bad for a free concert.

We also spend so much time in Astoria Park lately. Morning, noon and night. Not sunrise but a few sunset.

I gotta to admit I accompany my son, Bo, catching some Pokemons. Amidst so many controversies over this game, we both enjoy our bonding time walking around the park and having fun catching those digital monsters. We walk a lot.. Almost 2 km per day, so that we can hatch the eggs as well :). But for sure, I won't miss the chance to capture the beauty of our surroundings.

sunset in Astoria Park

So, how do you enjoy your summer?
You have some free concerts around your place?
Do play pokemon as well?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beautiful sky from many corners of the world


  1. Whoaaa sunsetnya amazing aku selalu suka liat sunset :)

    1. Samaaa dong mba.. Kalau udah sunset selalu menikmati langit :)

  2. Beautiful sky, the last photos

  3. Dragonfly itu capung kan ya?
    Kembaran dijepret bagus banget angle nya. Ih Mama Bo ini semua2 bisa ..

  4. Capungnya unguuuu.. Warna kesukaan indah

  5. That dragonfly flower piece is amazing!
    I don't play Pokemon, but Allison does. I like how it's getting people out of the house and moving!

  6. Waaah kayak apa ya suara celine live? TInggi banget & melengkingnya pasti bikin merinding :)


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