Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Can you believe it's August already?
I know..
It's really astonishing to see how time flies. 

And August is my favorite month. My birthday is coming up :)
But in the beginning of the month,  we bid farewell to many of my colleagues who have finished their assignments in NYC. On Sunday and Monday, we practically stayed in JFK airport for that.

Such a bitter sweet moment, as we have spent so much time working together it the last 3 years but they are also excited to go home and be ready for the next adventures :). All the best, dear friends, and till we meet again.

On the last days of July, we have so many gatherings as well. We have the farewell party with friends from the UN and Indonesian communities here in NYC, we also have ASEAN Family Day. For sure, it all involved fun time, great friends and fantastic food.

But now, let's PARTY, people :)

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Oh My Heartsie Girls Wonderful Wednesday

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  1. Udah agustus lagi aja ya mbak, agustus thn lalu ada GA

    1. Iyaaa mba Lid.. Buat GA lagiii yuk 😘😘😘😘

  2. People may come and go. But friendship is not. Memang sedih rasanya kalau udah menetap beberapa tahun di negeri orang lalu pindah. Tapi tetap excited karena akan bertemu kampung halaman kembali.
    Btw, pastelnya dipanggang ya? Looks delicious 😍😍

    1. iyaaa istiii..akuuu nagnis bombaay hehehehe..we have so many great recipes..

  3. Mama Boo, Agustus bagi2 NYX, yaaa. Di grup ajaa.wkwkwkwk

  4. The JFK airport looks pretty! Very unlike any airport I've been in.

    Are you leaving NY? Or are just friends leaving the area?

    1. It's just my friends, Alissa. But we stayed almost the whole day at JFK airport that day..

  5. Mbak Indaaah,
    Lama gak mampir sini, mudah2an sehat semua sekeluarga yah mbak :)

    Wah bulan ini mbak Indah ulang tahun ternyata, asyiiiik :))

    1. iyaaa teh Ery, samaa aku jugaaa :). Dirimu juga sehat-sehaat yaaah :)

  6. Wah bentar lagi ultah, nih. Semoga sehat selalu ya, Mbak. Duh itu saladnya bikin ngiler. Jadi pengen bikin sendiri.

  7. Makanannya seafood semua...yummy

  8. Asikkkk yang mau ultah :')

  9. It's sad that you had to say goodbye to your colleagues, but maybe new friends will come in to fill the gap?

    1. yes, they will, Theresa..so we embrace all those great memories indeed


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