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Cheers from NYC and Jonas :)

Well, three days after the storm and many parts of the city are still struggling to clean the street, cars, sideways and walk path. But for sure, during the storm and after, many of us, particularly the kids, enjoy those piles of soft snow. Forget the shovel and let's have fun while we can, right kiddos  :). 

on the D-day..

snowy Astoria Park L)

But now, enjoy another party we have here!

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Co-Host Christine Mello // Must Love Home // Oreo Sweetheart Truffles // This is a beautiful and delicious treat that is easy on the budget. These can be tucked into boxes or treat bags for friends, teachers or anyone else that you want to bring a little joy to! Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest Divider 989321gyey13hzitFabulous-Journey-can-we-trust-a-diet 
♥The Fabulous Journey// Fabulous Journey // Can We Trust Diets For Lasting Results?//If you have ever struggled with your weight, then you have tried your share of diets. But, can we trust diets for lasting results? Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest |InstagramDivider 989321gyey13hzitEvija-with-love-TV-Cabinet-Makeover 
Co-Host Evija Roberts// From Evija With Love//TV Cabinet Makeover // This was my entry for the January Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest with a theme - Fresh Start! I think I managed to capture the fresh start don't you think? Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram Divider 989321gyey13hzitTwo-Chicks-and-a-mom-Valentine's-Day-Cake-Mix-
Co-Host Donna Wirthlin // Two Chicks And A Mom // Valentine's Day Cake Mix Cookies//These two recipes are used regularly in our family, especially around many holidays. If you need to make sweet treats for an upcoming school, church or community function (or just for the family), these cookies and icing recipes are the best! Twitter | Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram Divider 989321gyey13hzitSimply-Wright-Beet-Flax-Smoothie 
Co-Host Ashleigh // Simply Wright // Beet & Flax Smoothie// Looking for something to boost your immune system during these cold Winter months? Look no further! Facebook | Google + | Pinterest | Instagram | BloglovinDivider 989321gyey13hzit Living-intentionall-simple-7-Spice-Pork-Roast 
Co-Host Sarah-Ann Hamlin // Living Intentionally Simple // 7 Spice Pork Roast//Quick & easy way to cook a pork roast | Bloglovin | Pinterest | Divider 989321gyey13hzitA-sprinkle-of-this-and-that-Raspberry-Chocolate-Cuties 
Co-Host Christine Ryan // A Sprinkle of This and That // Raspberry Chocolate Cuties//It is time to start sprinkling in some sweet Valentine's Day treats! Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram Divider 989321gyey13hzit
My-purple-world-Talam Ebi -Steamed-Rice-Cake 
♥Co-Host Indah // My Purple World //Talam Ebi - Steamed Rice Cake with Spicy Dried Shrimp Topping //I always love the exquisite taste of steamed rice cake mixed with coconut milk, with the extra topping of spicy dried shrimp. With some simple steps, you are welcomed to enjoy talam ebi, one of Indonesian delicacies. Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram Divider 989321gyey13hzit
Co-Host Susan B Mead // Susan B Mead // Trust // We each receive a gift called the Present. Unwrap it to find Trust. Twitter | Bloglovin| Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest
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Co-Host Pick by Christine Ryan of A Sprinkle of This and That // Clean And Scentsible // 

Co-Host Pick Sara-Ann Hamlin Living Intentionally Simple//Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life//Lentil Chickpea Tuna SaladDIY-5-min.-Kitchen-Towel-Window-Cover 
Co-Host Pick by Donna Two Chicks and A Mom //Kreativ K // 5-Minute Window Cover Lovely-Livings-the-winter-bliues
Co-Host Pick By Christine Mello of Must Love Home // Lovely Livings//The Winter Blues Karens-Upon-On-The-Hill-Diy-Plant-Dresser 
Co-Host Pick by Evija of Evija With Love // Karens Up On The Hill// DIY Plank Top Dresser
Co-Host Pick By Shellie of The Fabulous Journey // Oh My Creative// 45 Best Organizing Solutions Ptasy-Pat-5-stones-and-a-sling-shot
Co-Host Pick by Susan of Susan B Mead //Patsy Pat // 5 Stones and a Sling Shot Kale-and-Artichoke-Greek-Yogurt-Dip 
Co-Host Pick by Indah of My Purple World// Atta Girl Says // Kale and Artichoke Greek Dip
Host Pick by Karren of Oh My Heartsie Girl //Grandparents Plus// Best Valentine Cookies Divider 989321gyey13hzit
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  1. wow party sekalian main saljuuu

  2. astoria banyak astor harusnya ya mbak hehehe gagal fokus

  3. man, sister, I think you broke records for world's longest post :)
    At least the kids had fun in the snow, I only fear for all the homeless people and animals :(

  4. looks like they don't wanna go home playing in the snow

  5. Watch out from the cold kids. Aku selalu mupeng lihat visualisasi blog2 asing.

  6. senang banget lihat kakak dan adek ini... seseruan berdua... :)

  7. Obi suka mainan salju, seru juga.
    Eh tapi kalo lama kelamaan bisa kedinginan ya nanti.

    1. udah viasa ya Obi main saljut, kalo kita udah kaku ya mbak Li


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