Alice in Wonderland

"Who in the world am I? Aah... That's the great puzzle"..
White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland 

Alice in Wonderland...

We just spent our Friday afternoon at Central Park. 
In the warmest day on December 25 over the last century... That's what they've been saying all over the news.

So as we have no white Christmas here in the Big Apple, but rather a warm day, we decided to pay a visit to this huge park in the middle of NYC. It was a bit drizzling by the way, but relatively warm.

drizzling..yet clear blue sky :)

Stretching over from the 59th Street to 110th Street, we certainly have a lot to explore here. But this time, we are coming back to meet Alice :).

Meet Alice...

Alice in Wonderland.
Meet Alice, comfortably sitting on top of a giant mushroom amidst tall trees and blue sky above her.

Near the Conservatory Water at the eastern part of Central Park, stand the bronze sculpture of Alice and her famous friends from this impeccable story, Alice in Wonderland. Joining the big family of famous sculptures and statues in Central Park since 1959, Alice in Wonderland is a gift to all children in New York City thanks to the generosity of Mr. George Delacorte. We went there last year as well and had fun indeed. 

back in 2014 :)

I guess many of you are familiar with Alice, right. 
This adventurous girl is really having the time of her life experiencing the weirdest yet extraordinary adventures with Mr. White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Humpty Dumpty and Queen Heart in the Wonderland. And it all started down the rabbit hole :).

I myself have watched several versions of this timeless story brilliantly written by Lewis Carroll in the movies. Smithen by those wild imaginations, I also collect the book, including the sequel, Through the looking glass.  Perhaps that's why I always enjoy visiting its statues in Central Park. Including my kids...

look who's having fuuun :)

We have friends coming over from Ottawa and the kids are enjoying their winter break already. And surely running around freely, climbing rocks as well Alice and friends' statues suit them fine. Obi, my daughter, and Zayyan, Dinie's son,-our dearest friend from Ottawa, couldn't stop giggling looking at Mr. Rabbit's pocket watch and the wide grin of the Madhatter, while at the same time sliding down the magic mushroom just to climb it up again.

Aaah..what fun :)

Do you like Alice in Wonderland, too?
Who's your favorite character?

Enjoy the blue sky from different part of the world and join us on Skywatch Friday


  1. What a great way to spend Christmas. I don't like snow!! I hope that you had Merry Christmas and I wash you a happy and prosperous new year.

  2. Daku baru2 saja suka cerita Alice, dulu menganggapnya aneh hihihi...ada patungnya juga yaaa tokoh dongeng, keren!

  3. Wow, hari natal terhangat ya Mbak. Padahal jaman dulu saya setiap lihat film bernuansa natal dengan setting NY pasti berselimutkan salju. *salah fokus

  4. Jadi natal kali ini bisa main-main du luar ya mbak tidak sperti biasanya bersalju

    1. bangeeet mba..malah kita santai jalan ke sana-sini karena cuacanya enaak hehe

  5. Wonderful shots of Central Park.

  6. mama booo... selu sukaa sm cerita n foto traveling mu, hihi...

  7. My niece would be over the moon at this sculpture. She adores all things Alice in Wonderland. I hope she gets to see it in person some day! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I sincerely hope so Theresa...I hope you can come down here as well..

  8. Derita saya yang gak pandai bahasa inggris mbak, kalo baca artikel mbak indah pasti banyak mengernyitkan alis, mikir keras

  9. sama dengan komen di atas, ga ngerti, cuma menikmati gambarnya aja, yg sesuai judul, wonderful

  10. terimakasih gan infonya dan semoga bermanfaat


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