WW: Boo.. Getting scary with Bo et Obi


Halloween has just left us ;).
And we had fun..
Yes, we really enjoyed preparing the costumes and the make-up for that yearly event ;).

This is our second Halloween here in NYC. And the kids have been waiting for it excitedly.
Halloween Last year I was in the middle of my chemotherapy when Halloween hitthe street with kids screaming trick or treat in front of our door.

Well, last year I just put on my feather Boa and sat on the porch with the kids and a bucket full of chocolate and sweets.

This year, we went out trick or treating around the blocks, met some friends and gave out chocolate and candies as well.

Obi et Isabella :)

Bo was dressed as silver cobra ninja and Obi chose Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony this time.

the three of us :)


And I? I became a witch..

Or a vampire?
Or Hulk? Lol...

My hubby just teased me as I painted my face all green and put some blood red lipstick plus fangs, but look awfully full in my costume like Hulk :)
happily posing before going out for trick or treat :)

it's getting dark in here...

Halloween in Astoria is fun for sure..


How's the Halloween night in your place?


  1. How fun! I was a box of Cheez-It's. Some of my students looked amazing! I love your witch costume!

  2. mama bo kerennnn mekapnyaa.... cuma cocoknya kalo ungu juga face paintingnya <3

    1. iyaa chaa...abis anak-anak proteees..kalau witch mukanya ijoo, bukan unguuu hehehe

    2. iyaa chaa...abis anak-anak proteees..kalau witch mukanya ijoo, bukan unguuu hehehe

  3. You all look like a really fun night! You are one strong witch, to be a hulk too! =)
    Happy WW!

  4. These costumes are fantastic or should I say spookytastic heheh! :-)

  5. I like your costum, mbakkk.. Cocok banget :)

  6. You all look amazing in your costumes! I didn't dress up since it was really cold and raining here. Not worth the time for makeup when it would just get ruined after walking out the door.

  7. akkkkkkk.....seruuuu bangett mak, dan kostumnya mama dan abang Bo....seremmmm dan kerennnn. Kalo obi teteup cantik ^_^

  8. Wow mama Bo keren banget make up dan kostumnya, serem juga kalo pas gelap hihihi.

  9. Mama Boo seru banget ih bisa pake kostum2 kaya gitu hihihi

  10. Love yourrr look.
    Wicked and supaaa hot!
    Obiii and Bo, uncle J mau ikutan yaaa next time trick or treat...


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