Let the road trip begin :)


We finally got our annual leave ;).

And as I have mentioned before, we are planning to have a road trip to the southeastern part of the US.

Starting point: Astoria, New York City
Final destination: Key Largo, Florida.

Transit cities: Baltimore, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Orlando, Miami, Key Largo, Daytona Beach and Savannah :).

Oooh my... Sounds like a very ambitious plan.
It is .. Actually.
We will go through several states, starting from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and finally Florida. Now that's 
8 states already ;).

But we have 10 days on the road and we sincerely hope everything runs well. Everyone gets supeeer excited for sure.

Indeed big trip like this need a lot of preparation. And even when planning the trip, we argued and changed several times. I insist on having as many beaches as possible for snorkeling and diving sessions, while the kids want to go to those theme parks. Even which theme parks to visit take a couple days to decide (although I know what I want ;)). Udi wants to see cool spots for photography and nice hotels to sleep in. Let alone the routes and the driving schedule. Sooo many things to consider.

To begin with, choose your destination(s).
Surely this is the first thing we have to decide. At least in my case ;).
The list I have above is the result of family diacussion and meticulous planning. Carefully considering our days, energy (as well as mood ;)), points of interests and budget, we decided to go to those cities. Originally we included Tampa but Key Largo really lures me in with its white sandy beaches and snorkeling spots  :). 

Then, we get to the accommodation.
One condition from Bo et Obi is the pool ;). While Udi wants me to ensure that we won't have problems parking our car. As for me, HSIA is a must and the rest should be managable. 

The hotels we've booked for the trip vary, but mostly they have all the facilities we love to have above. Some were booked through booking.com while some were directly booked in those chained hotels.

How about the car? Food and beverages? And the plan? Where to go? What to see? The best photography spots? Best local restaurants? Souvenirs? 

Well, well..
The list ia not exhaustive for sure and will definitely share some more insights later. What about you? How do you plan your vacation? 


  1. Selamat jalan-jalan mama Bo et Obi. Bon voyage! Pasti seruuuu. Itu perjalanan panjaaang bgt yoo

  2. Happy holidaaaay obi et boo. Yup pilihan tujuan mau kmn harys dimatengin ya....

  3. Whoaaaa.. selamat liburan mama bo et obi juga bapak. Hati2 di jalan yaaaa. Ditunggu cerita jalan2 selanjutnyaaaa pasti seruuuu

  4. Huwaaa..ngetrip...topi fedora.....serunyaaaaaaaaaaa...happy holiday mama boobi...

  5. Udah ngebayangin persiapannya kek apaaa! Banyal bawaan pastiii. :D

    Btw, hidup sheporaaa dan met liburaaaan. *tenggelemin komen di atas* :D

  6. Wuaaa...puanjuanggg rutenyaaa... susah gak mak nyari makannya?

  7. I always love road trip. I can feel the excitement. Have a great time guys :))

  8. aku mau dong dibawa di kopernya Obi :)

  9. Road trips are so fun! Have a wonderful vacation and wishing you safe travels!


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