ASUS ZenPower Quick Charge Power Bank

#I was facilitated by ASUS to write this post, but all opinion expressed are my own and not influenced by anyway.

quick charge power bank

Trying to stay connected all the time?
Taking pictures with your phone?
Checking emails and responding to all those communication platforms like Whatsapp groups and other social media platforms?
Updating status and uploading pictures (again and again) ?

Yuuup, that's me :).
Guilty as charged.

Keeping your smartphone on most of the time is what you need then. 

running out of battery while going shopping and checking online price? not any more..thanks to Asus ZenPower :)

Me, too..

With the work I am covering now, I have to spend most of my time in the meetings 
And there are times when keeping the phone on and staying connected is non-negotiable :).

With that in mind, I have to make sure that I have a great, dependable power bank ready. 
A handy one.
A powerful one.

And I finally have one..

Introducing ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh, super powerbank that surely cover my needs.
Not just power bank, but a quick charge power bank!

With 10050 mAh, I sure have enough power to charge my gadgets. Speaking of which, I usually carry at least 2 phones /tablet with me. So ASUS ZenPower is perfect for me. 
It charges iPhone 6 plus that I use in relatively shorter time than other power bank that I have. with 10% left, I need only less than 2 hours to charge it back to full.
And that's because it has the full power of 10050mAh. 

Another thing that I notice while using ASUS ZenPower is that it stays cool during the charging. It's not the case with other power banks I have as they tend to be warm or even hot when they are used for charging.

Coming in different colors, including sheer gold (like mine ;)), ASUS ZenPower is surely a sleek and funky! Again, perfect for me who loves colors :).

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Another thing I love from this power bank is that it only weight 215g and it comes in credit card size. Surely won't make my bag too full or too heavy.

With high capacity, quick charging mode, slim size, and state-of-the-art design and colors, ASUS ZenPower is the perfect choice. 

no need to worry exploring Times Square and taking pictures all the time :)

So, now, I don't have to worry about running out of the battery while doing the things I love most, including traveling, strolling around the city, and shopping :).

Make sure you got ASUS ZenPower Quick Charge Power Bank in your bag :)


  1. Waah, power bank nya sama kayak punyakuu... Warna gold, elegan ya ;)

  2. keyen bener powerbanknya diajak jalan-jalan ke NY

  3. Aku suka banget liat warna nya, elehennnnn xixixixi

    1. Iyaaa beneer... Yang pink itu lucuuu bangeeet 😇😍😎😘

  4. We always take ours when traveling. It stinks when you are running low on power and don't have an outlet handy to recharge. I like the colors available for the ASUS ZenPower!

  5. Gold itu tampak elegan mama boobi....apalagi diajakin ke NY..duh beruntung bgt itu powerbank nya.xixixixixixi

    1. Huahahahaha... Iyaa, ini aku import dari Lampung judulnyaa

  6. Jauhhhhh perjalanan si powerbank ini dan akhirnya bisa menemani di New York...yeaahhh

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