A Stroll at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

cheers from Myrtle Beach :)

And here we areee ;).
Arriving safely (but tired) at the first stop of our #roadtrip in #summer2015.

Originally we wanted to stop at Baltimore, but it was still in the middle of the night so we continued driving to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

As I posted in my previous post, we started our trip Firday night from Astoria at 11 PM. Well, we went to the office first to get Obi's seat booster in our car which is temporarily parked in the office's garage. Once we got it set, we were ready to rumble. 

And the first stop is Myrtle Beach.
Beautifully located by the Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach is a lovely beach in South Carolina with white and powdery sand, lines of resturants, great hotels and many other attractions.

Obi and I at the beach :)

It should only took us around 10 hours drive from NYC, but as we stopped at least twice for food and rest, we arrived at the beach at noon.

the rest area ...so greeny :)

mukanya capeeek ya...tired face but super happy :)

The first thing I do was take my sandals off, get in the water and feel the ocean ;). It felt good indeed.

Then as we were heading to Charleston, we decided to have a nice stroll here before we had lunch.

The beach was not so packed with people, so we could enjoy the beach and took pictures here and there ;).

let's enjoy the beach :)

abaikan kuku yang jeleeek hehehehe

The when hunger stroked, we determinantly headed to Hard Rock Cafe here at Celebrity Circle.

As I have previously posted, I'm a collector of Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia as well as a big fan of their cafetaria. So, lunch was super delicious, as I have caesar salad with grilled salmon. Yuuuum...

Hungry faces :)

Ceasar Salad at Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach

Near the Cafe, there are several attractions as well, including Ripley's aquarium and science center. It looks great although we didn't stop at that time.

Next stop is Charleston :).
We just can't wait to see what this beautiful city offers.
Southern charm... That is.
We had 2 more hours drive from Myrtle Beach and we just, again, couldn't wait.

See you in Charleston :).


  1. Time flies... Rambut udah nunbuh lg ajaa.. Waooo, mencuat-cuat. :D met menikmati Florida mama Bo et Obi. Aku menikmati postcard nya aja, hihi

    1. AKu menikmati foto-fotonya aja Mak Noe dan.....:-D

  2. so exiciting holidays summer with happy family yaa :)

  3. waaa..asik banget ya liburannya...

  4. We used to live in South Carolina. Such a beautiful state! It looks like you are taking advantage of some of the finer attractions there. Can't wait to see more from your trip!

    1. Will soon post them Theresa, at least the pictures first ;)

  5. Can't wait to see your other pictures of Charleston, Mam. Great...

  6. You all look so happy. Nothing can beat roadtrip. Semangaaat....

  7. I had a roommate that went there every year. I've never been. It looks so pretty!

  8. woww woow seru banget maak...
    family trip tuh emang yaa...mengesankan dg segala ceritanyaa


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