Charleston, South Carolina #1 (photo gallery)

Oh, Charleston...

Truly a southern charm..

So we managed to visit this beautiful city. Rich in cultures and history, our visit in this city is really rewarding.

After a half day at Myrtle Beach, we went straight to the hotel in Charleston. Both cities are in South Carolina, but it took around 2 hours drive from Myrtle Beach to Charleston.

We booked our stay in La Quinta Inn and Suites Riverview by the Ashley river. We had to wait quite some time before the room was ready but other than that, we enjoyed our stay.

We even get the complimentary shuttle to  the historical part of the city at the night we arrived and Bo, Obi and I explored the French Quarter in Charleston.

The next day, we continued our historical walk tour, visited the Boone Hall Plantation, and the Angel Oak Tree.

We had sooo much fun and learned a lot from every single visit we made.

I will get back with more stories and details. Meanwhile, here are some of the photos we had from this beautiful city, Charleston.

By the Ashley River 

In the waterfront park..

The French Quarter 

By the Battery park..

Well... Just some of them first ;).

All photos are taken with iPhone 6 plus and as I post most of my blogposts from my phone, it really helps a lot to have all those photo albums at the same device.

I haven't got a chance to transfer the photos from my DSLR, but I will definitely do that after our roadtrip ;). Oh, yes I will :).

So, what do you think of Charleston?
Isn't it gorgeous?


  1. Wow awesome photos. You guys make me jealous. Always love roadtrip. :))

  2. What fabulous shots!

  3. airnya hitam kay adi ancol gitu atau cuma keliatan gelap di foto ya mbak? Tamannya bersih banget mbak

  4. I've been there. It is so pretty! I used to live in Savannah, Georgia, which is close to there.

  5. South Carolina is a gorgeous state! I miss living there. I bet you are enjoying your stay there very much!

  6. Sooooo gorgeous.... Boooo Obiiiii.... take tante there ya darleeenkkkkk :)

  7. kapan ya aku bisa sampai kesitu...hiks....

  8. udah makkk lagi au susun di draft...GAnya

    tidaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk ini jalan jalannya bikin mufeng sekali, muka fengennn huhuhu
    enjoy the trip ya mak :)

  9. *brb nabung* *ngiler banget sama hasil foto iphone 6* *ini serius* *lol*

  10. uwaaaa...langitnya,indah bangett makkkk...
    wow,iphone 6.....jadi mupeng >_<

  11. waaaaa...foto-fotonbya keren bangetttttt.. jernih dan tajam...

  12. Langit birunya itu looh, aku mah selalu tertarik am langitttt.. Mbikin view jd perfect!

  13. Itu yang kayak air mancur seperti bentuk buah lokal Indonesia ya Mak. Nanas. Hem segerrr. Berasa ngidam.


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