Having fun at Legoland, Florida #1 (Photo Gallery)

"Everything is awesomeeee..."
"Everything is cool when you're part of the team ..
"Everything is awesomeeee...."

#singingmode ;).

Familiar with that song? 
I guess most of us are ;). Especially if you, or your kids or other members of the family loves Lego.

My son, Bo, is a big fan. No wonder he has been wanting to come to Legoland for quite some times. And we are visiting one in Florida.

So here we are now at Florida, the capital of sunshine ;).
And we concur with it, as the sun warmly welcomes us in this city.

As originally planned, we will spend some time here at Florida hopping on et off some theme parks.

First destination is Legoland Florida.

welcome to Legoland Florida
Needless to say, you will have all sorts of great attractions inspired by characters of Lego.
For sure, it's the biggest Legoland in the world. 
Some of the attractions include Lego the Movie, Duplo Valley, the Heart, World of Chima, Lego Kingdom, Lego City and Lego Technic. 
Not to forget those roller coasters and other attractions for all ages :). 
And of course, the Miniland... where you can see the miniatures of soooo many beautiful cities, including Florida, Washington D.C, and New York City :).

I will get back with more details about our visit for sure but let's check out some photos I snapped during our visit to this theme park. 

Enjoooy ;)

With Emmet and Wyldstyle :)

feels like karaoking and swimming at the same time :)

in front of Times Square and Empire State Building :)

that pizza looks super delicious...

ready to race :)


  1. Suasananya mirip dengan yang di Johor Bahru ya

  2. And the fun days continues... Happy for you guys

  3. I want to go to Legoland! There is one in Chicago that I have thought about taking the girls to. Maybe next summer when we have time.

  4. asikkk sekali kumpul dan jalan2 ama keluarga :)

  5. Aaaaak Legolaaand.. aku paling suka main di Lego technic, apalagi yang project X. Pusing tapi seruuu xD

  6. Laaah judulnya mirip ama postingan legolandku haha. Emang seru ya di legoland ituu. Florida sama johor ternyata konsepnya mirip2. Moga kapan2 bisa juga nginjekin kaki di legoland florida juga :)

  7. Aaaak legoland, moga kpn2 aku bs ke legoland. Aamiin


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