Obi and kain tenun :)

I guess Obi starts developing her passion over my growing collections of Indonesian traditional fabrics. 

A few days ago, I woke up finding Obi was playing around my gawangan, where I display most of my kain collections. 

She even tried to wrap around one of my Timor's tenun on her waist, just like the way I put it on my own. Well, I haven't taught her to do so but she seemed to know exactly what to do with it :).

Obi pakai kain :)

In many occasions, Obi loves wearing Indonesian batik and other traditional fabrics..

wearing batik Jakarta..

both in batik :)
this time it's balinese ikat :)..while mama wore purple Tais :)

and  traditional attires as well...

Muli lampung....or lampungnese girl :)

Way to go, Obi...

I sincerely hope you will grow up loving all our traditional culture and heritage, including those fascinating Indonesian traditional fabrics. Our beautiful Indonesia :).

How about your kids? Do they start building some particular passion over something?


  1. I love those fabrics! The patterns are so pretty!

  2. Wah, keren ! Semoga semakin cinta sama tenun tradisional Indonesia, btw ada punya koleksi dari Lombok juga ya mbak?

  3. Obi makin cantik dan keren aja ketika pakai kain tenun :)

  4. Very fun and beautiful model! Nice and sweet photos!

  5. wuah, mbak Indah mempromosikan batik Indonesia di NY?
    Kalo gak salah pengertian sih gitu, soalnya baru mampir kesini

    salam kenal ya mbak....

  6. Obiiii cantik bangeet.. Purple girl ^_^

  7. She's a little fashionista! The prints on the fabrics are so pretty!

  8. wah keren banget, cinta budaya indonesia ya mba hehe, lucu sekali obi pake baju tradisonal

  9. Obi cocok jadi Indonesian children ambassador *kiss :))

  10. Obi nggemesin banget, cantiknya pakai batik :)

  11. The colors in those fabrics are so vibrant and beautiful. Your little girl is adorable!

  12. Ah batik...
    Saya hanya mengenakannya kalau untuk acara resmi saja Mbak...
    Pas hari Batik Nasional, saya pake batik juga saat kerja di pabrik. Tapi koq rada kaku ya pake batik kalau kerja di pabrik mah. Jadi gak pernah lagi pakai batik setiap Jumat nih...



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