WW: Mezquita Abdallah - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

Mezquita Addallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

Welcome back to Havana, Cuba, with me, indahnuria.com.

I certainly have so much to share and many photos as well as stories are still neatly waited in in my hard disk. This time, I will take this opportunity to share some photos I took from Mezquita Abdallah or Abdallah Mosque, - masjid Abdallah, which is situated in the heart of Havana, Cuba. 

Mezquita Abdallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba, was inaugurated in June, 17, 2015.

I was looking for the mosque or the praying area for moslems during my trip. Although as a traveler or musafir, I have special arrangement in doing my prayers by combining  and shortening 2 prayers in one praying time. But as you know, when we travel, we tend to go the whole day so I still need to find a proper place to pray so I won't miss it. 

Mezquita Abdallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

I was so happy, - and a bit surprised, when I found out that there is this beautiful mosque there waiting for me all other moslem brothers and sisters. Not far from the Obispo area, you will find this mosque near the Casa del Arabe.  I came here to pray dzuhur and ashr, those are the ones in afternoon and late afternoon. I brought my own praying gown for ladies or mukena. 

mini me and and I at the mosque.. with beautiful calligraphy 

I do love the interior of the mosque. It is not too big but spacious enough and comfortable for you to pray. The ablution corner is inside and they also provide El Coran or the Holy Koran if you want to recite it. You will see beautiful ceilings, lovely ceramic on the wall and lovely carpets for the praying mats. Wonderful calligraphy are adorning the walls beautiful. I feel so peaceful and happy to be here.

The praying area at Mezquita Abdallah  - Abdallah Mosque, Havana, Cuba

Al - Quran, the Holy Koran or El Coran in Spanish

inaugurated in 2015 
The mosque was inaugurated in June 17, 2015, at the beginning of Holy Ramadhan 1436 H. When I came here for praying, the brothers and sisters there were very friendly and they asked where I was originated from. When I said Indonesia, not all of them directly recognized it. But they know that Indonesia is the country with the most moslem population in the world and they are familiar with Soekarno, our first President and the Non - Aligned Movement he initiated, as well as the beautiful Bali. They said it is far faraway from Cuba. Indeed it is. Interesting, right!

So, that's another little story I have from my trip to Cuba. Surely will be back with more stories.

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A Working Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling

A Working Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling 

Homeschooling used to be somewhat nice. However, with school closures during the pandemic, more parents have had to balance teaching at home with managing the home and work. 

This sudden change was a major shock for many families. Children had their routines turned upside down, and parents had to work to figure out solutions for things like working on lesson plans and planning homeschool kids’ meals. This is even harder if you have kids who are fussy eaters. 

If you are going to get a handle on homeschooling, you need to create a plan. This includes sitting down as a family to review everything that needs to be done and then making sure each point is covered. 

Develop a Schedule 

One problem for many who are new to homeschooling is that they never took the time to create a new schedule. Instead, they just decided to handle schooling in the time they have leftover from their normal routine. 

If you are going to have any chance of balancing work and homeschooling, you need to start with a new schedule. Make a list with everything that you and your kids need to do, and then start from the top with the available time to make sure it all gets covered. 

You should also realize that the needs of kids in different age groups will differ. If you have kids who are toddlers or as old as kindergarten, that means that they are being supervised by you or someone else during the day. You probably have a light amount of schoolwork to do, but you should still plan activities to keep them busy. 

If you have kids in elementary or middle school, they can have a bit more independence, but they probably have more work to do. You will have to consider the work they have to do and figure out a rough idea of how much time they need. You will then need to schedule the time that you expect them to be working on their schoolwork. 

Most high school aged children can be allowed to work on their own schedule, but you will still need to exercise some oversight and make sure they are planning their day well. As long as they are getting their work done, you should also allow them time to talk with friends and freedom to choose more of their activities. 

Plan for Homeschool Meals 

Meal planning is another part of homeschooling. Along with having a meal plan for dinner, you will need to work on some lunch ideas for kids. If you work from home, you will be able to help, but you will still want something quick, easy and nutritious. 

For parents that need to leave home for work, you will need to plan and prepare food ahead of time. One simple solution is to pack a lunch and leave it in the refrigerator ready for your kids to eat at lunchtime. If your kids are a little older, you could trust them with a little more of the preparation work if they know their way around the kitchen. For kids that have problems with picky eating, you might need to spend a little more time talking with them about what they will eat. 

Physical Activity 

Homeschooling should cover more than just the academic subjects – you want to raise healthy kids with physical activity. If you are home for part of the day, you can plan for a little outside time to play a game. Depending on your schedule, you could also plan for time out after dinner.

The internet can be a good resource for physical activity as well. If your kids are a little older, you could put a fitness video in their homeschooling schedule. Have them do yoga or aerobic exercise to keep them fit. You could even spend time watching videos with them to find the ones that will keep them interested. 

For most homeschoolers, academics and physical fitness will not be enough to fill the day. Once you have all of the “must-do” items in the schedule, try to fill the rest of the day with activities. Plan for them to read a book or work on arts and crafts. You could even allow a little screen time with their phone or tablet.

Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

welcome back and stay calm 

Welcome back and hope everyone is enjoying brilliant days ahead.

Second week of July and allow me to say Happy 4th of July to all family and friends in the US who just celebrated the independence day. The celebration during this pandemic will certainly be adjusted but I guess the most important part of it is that we truly enjoy freedom, even in this unprecedented time. 

I have many virtual meetings as usual. The office is 💯 percent work from home. The statistics show the horrible increase of COVID - 19 and Jakarta is pretty much the red zone. It is indeed the necessary measure to take in order to minimize the spread of the virus. The vaccination program is conducted rigorously and I hope we can soon cover more and more people.

100 percent Work From Home till the end of June

We spend all of our time at home except when we briefly go out for buying some basic staples as well as drinking water and gas. We can buy it online of course but since the demand is increasing as well, I have to wait for days to buy groceries in my favorite supermarket! I have tried many online platforms as well and many are very handy. I really love to get my fresh veggies and fruits at all time. Well, I guess if you want to buy good stuff and get fast delivery, you have to pay extra. For temporary time, this is the safe way to avoid unnecessary contact with people. Do you shop online more as well lately? What do you usually buy?

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WW: Obispo Havana Cuba - Havana Revisited

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

Hi, everyone.

Welcome back! I trust you all are well and sound amidst the unnerving circumstance we all have. Positive vibes will definitely help.

So, let me take you virtually to Havana, Cuba again. This time, we are heading to Obispo, one of the areas in the middle of Havana boasting with elegant shops, cafes and some tourist attractions. Many said that this place is very touristy and way more expensive for day to day activities. I just enjoy strolling around the area and stopped by here and there to see more interesting places along the street. 

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

The walk started at El Floridita, the famous restaurant where Daiquiri was invented! EL FLORIDITA, La cuna del daiquiri! No wonder many famous people love spending some times here. I will surely share that on a different post, as we had lovely lunch here and I had so much to share!

As we walked around, we saw beautiful, elegant alleys lines with small but cute buildings and shops, mostly with pretty iron-wrenched balconies, unique door, and bright painted window sills and panes.

don't you just love it!

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
I love the cute ceramics and tiles they have here

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
I love the colors and the details

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

We passed some book stores, more cafes and soda shops (I like that), mores shops and drugstores as well. 

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
This soda shop is really popping

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

As we were looking for local souvenirs as well, our local tour guide took us to Artesania Cubana, patio de las artenos. I am so in love with those cute souvenirs you can bring home.

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
We visited the patio de los artesanos to get some souvenirs

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
all these cute fridge magnets!

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
all these colorful mementos!

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
Some that I brought home

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

I came across on lovely bookstore with many interesting English books, like you can see in this photo. 

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

Oh, I also stopped by at this traditional and famous drogueria or drugstore, Drogueria Johnson, which happens to be the Museo de Farmacia. 

Drogueria Johnson, Obispo, Havana, Cuba

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

Obispo, Havana, Cuba

And finally, we stopped by at the local boutique to buy Guayabera, the traditional top for latinos, including in Cuba, I bought the white one made of cotton, for my hubby. 

Obispo, Havana, Cuba
Guayabera, the traditional top for Cuban man. I got one for my hubby :)

So, do you enjoy it so far? What do you like the most about this area? Do you think you will stroll around here as well?

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