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View from the Top

Finally, I get some time to go up to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.
And it was awesome!

Herald Square and the surroundings from above

It was lovely to be up here and I came here with my friends from Jakarta dan Geneve.
Surely it was a long line as everyone was  trying to get the sunset.

Here comes the streak of sunset :)
Here are some snaps from the top I took with my phone.

The view from the top is super nice, of course. 
It's good to see all those skyscrapers, cars, Hudson river, and the majestic sky!
Love it! 

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Sunny Day at West Point

We were enjoying one lovely sunny day at the US Military Academy at West Point.

wet point
so serene

After having a tiring, wallet-breaking shopping session at Woodbury Factory Outlet, we decided to stop at West Point to see the complex and watch the 4th of July concert as well as fireworks. But we were not that lucky in finding the parking spot. 
All was booked and the only one left were those far, far away from the venue of the concert. So we decided to go around the complex and took pictures.
It was fun as well and the lake (I guess) inside the complex is beautiful!

Luks Reservoir, West Point 

They do open the complex for tour and at that day, they had the annual concert so people were flocking here. We stopped at one of the fields, I guess they are for softball and lacrosse, and took a break enjoying the peaceful view of the lake or rather a reservoir. 

We also stopped for a while at one of the chapel for the Cadets and enjoyed the scenery from uphill. I love the details and the Gothic style of this Chapel.

the door

View from the chapel

US Military Academy West Point is located at the city of West Point in New York State, about an hour drive from New York City. 
It is an interesting place to visit when you are around the city and heading to Woodbury Factory outlet or the surroundings.

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One Lovely Day at the Governors's Island, New York City

Governor's Island NYC
Welcome to Governor's Island

Governor’s Island is indeed a piece of world of its own. With interesting history, dating back pre-dutch settlements era around the 15th century, this island was called ‘Pagganuck’ (or the nut island) before by the Native Americans of the Manhattan region.

Located not far from Brooklyn as well as Lower Manhattan, this lovely island has been used as venues of many events, including the recent #jazzagelawnparty we attended. 

It was a cool party indeed and we had so much fun.
Wearing 1920s-inspired costumes, dancing around with jazz age music, and having a picnic under the sun is indeed awesome.

Overlooking Manhattan and Brooklyn, this 172-acre island is well connected with NYC ferries. You have plenty of choices indeed in terms of transportation to reach the island.

When we went there, it was one fine day with perfect weather.

A bit hot but manageable.
And we managed to take pictures here and there, including at the Fort Jay and the lawns.

Obi at Fort Jay

Make sure you don’t miss the Governor's Island while you’re around the Big Apple.
Such a lovely island where we can relax, have a picnic and just enjoy the leisure time with your kids, family, and loved ones.

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Burning Sky

Enjoying the burning sky as I headed home.
Astoria Park is such a wonderful place to see the burning sky.
Merci ya Rabb, the Most Merciful, for all this breathtaking beauty we enjoy.

astoria park sunset

This is what I saw when I stepped out of the N line at Astoria Boulevard.

"The sun and the moon (move) by precise calculation;
And the stars and trees prostrate; And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance .... So which of the favors of Your Lord would you deny?"

Al-Quran, Ar-Rahman 5-7 & 13

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Uraeus - Anselm Kiefer at Rockefeller Center

Clear blue sky at Rockefeller Center!

I was strolling around Rockefeller Center and enjoying another art presentation here.
This time we have Uraeus, interesting work of Anselm Kiefer.
Huge open book that has wings, with a large snake crawling up.
Interesting, isn't it?
Against the blue sky, this statue is really striking.

Here's what I got from Rockefeller Center's website regarding the work:

"The sculpture's cryptic title, Uraeus, refers to the erect shape of the Egyptian cobra, associated with the serpent goddess Wadjet and a symbol of power and divine authority. The wings evoke the headdresses and necklaces worn by Egyptian royalty in homage to the vulture goddess Nekhbet. Wadjet and Nekhbet were the guardians of Lower and Upper Egypt, respectively, and following ancient Egypt's unification, became the joint patrons of the civilization."

It is put in the Channel Garden facing the Fifth Avenue and will be displayed from May 2nd to July 22, 2018.

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Catamaran Cruise in Grenada

Again I was super lucky to have the opportunity to experience Pure Grenada.
As the Spice of the Caribbean, Grenada has a lot to offer.
For those who wants to know more about Grenada, check out Welcome to Grenada, the Spice of the Caribbean I posted before.

Therefore, after such an intense series of meetings we had with voting hanging on the air (good thing we managed to reach consensus!), we were super ecstatic when the Catamaran Cruise in Grenada was prepared for all of us.
Not only the sailing with music, food and drinks, but also the snorkeling.

This time, let me share a glimpse of the Catamaran sail that my friends and I took in Grenada, as the courtesy of the Government of Grenada for all the participants of the Seminar.

And right at 3 PM, when the sun was scorchingly hot, we sailed around the 
We took the 'High Time', the fun boat which took us to the Bay where we had time chatting, enjoying the breeze and snorkeling at the Sculpture Garden.

Happy me, after snorkeling..
 Along the way, we see the beauty of St. George's, the Capital city of Grenada.
Dotted with colorful houses and buildings, including forts and churches, St. George's looks beautiful indeed.

On our way back to the Port, we enjoyed beautiful sunset from the boat.
It was magical.
A perfect way to end our day and our hard works.
I held my tears as I whispered my thanks to the Almighty.
For every blessings He has bestowed upon me and my family all these years.

catamaran grenada

Sunset on our way back

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?
Ar-Rahman 55:13

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Pure Grenada and its Sky

Pure Grenada

Easy going!

Here are a few more photos taken in Grenada in the course of my short visit there.

Wishing you all an enjoyable, beautiful spring, wherever you are.
And stay blessed!

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the beauty of the skies from all over the world