Sunny Day at West Point

We were enjoying one lovely sunny day at the US Military Academy at West Point.

wet point
so serene

After having a tiring, wallet-breaking shopping session at Woodbury Factory Outlet, we decided to stop at West Point to see the complex and watch the 4th of July concert as well as fireworks. But we were not that lucky in finding the parking spot. 
All was booked and the only one left were those far, far away from the venue of the concert. So we decided to go around the complex and took pictures.
It was fun as well and the lake (I guess) inside the complex is beautiful!

Luks Reservoir, West Point 

They do open the complex for tour and at that day, they had the annual concert so people were flocking here. We stopped at one of the fields, I guess they are for softball and lacrosse, and took a break enjoying the peaceful view of the lake or rather a reservoir. 

We also stopped for a while at one of the chapel for the Cadets and enjoyed the scenery from uphill. I love the details and the Gothic style of this Chapel.

the door

View from the chapel

US Military Academy West Point is located at the city of West Point in New York State, about an hour drive from New York City. 
It is an interesting place to visit when you are around the city and heading to Woodbury Factory outlet or the surroundings.

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  1. woaaa.... it's really sunny day :)

  2. what a beautiful place to visit, kak. blue skynya keren dan terasa adem. aaaah, lihat footnya aja udah keren gitu apalagi bisa kesanaaa

  3. Wow itu semacam markas tentara yg kalau di sini Kodim gtu ya mbak? #sokteu wkwkwkwk
    Bagunannya kokoh mirip2 benteng tapi lokasinya di tempat yang adem banget. Kebayang di dalamnya banyak rahasia2 negara hehe :D

  4. Foto-fotonya keren banget suasananya adem bikin ingin kesana

  5. Wah.. Dah mampir pula West Point.. Makin banyak nih pengalaman jalan2 Mba Indah.. ��

  6. Wah tempat yang cantik :) kereeen, *sambil mikir kapan ya bs kesana

  7. We often go places, then hike to not waist so much money too.

  8. Aku tuh penasaran dengan langit di US dan Eropa. Kalau difoto terlihat clear, beda dengan langit Jakarta. Apa karena minim polusi?

  9. The maps sure make me want to go there by blinking my eyes...
    so looovee it!

  10. That is a beautiful building and the most beautiful is the view of the lake!


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