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foggy morning in our Karori house

Morena, friends. Hope all is well, wherever you are.

Spring is here but Wellington is somehow getting cooler and colder at night, so it is tricky for us to get ourselves ready for hot day then cold night. Just when we thought we can start swimming on the beach or having picnics in the park, the wind and the weather become less friendly again. Too bad indeed. Unfortunately, more cough and cold are coming as well at the office as well as my kids' school. This transformation of weather is quite annoying if you're not prepared. I guess we just have to stay fit and ensure we have enough multivitamins to go through the days.  

My family and I are moving to a new house soon We have been struggling with the high level of humidity which affects my hubby's health. Nothing's wrong with the house as it is the newly-built unit but with the position of the house and the lack of sunshine to the house, the house is damp. Well, we already got the new house and starting November 15th, we will move to Khandallah. Hope all is well and the moving process is smooth. We have to pack our stuff again and it's quite back-breaking LOL. Anyway, we are so excited with the new house and it's way bigger, more modern and lovely. Can't wait, can't wait! 

So now, let me welcome you on this week's Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World and Friends. This week we will have a lot of tips, tricks, recipes, stories, inspirations and more, only for you. Join us now!

items I love to have at home..

We always have a great lineup and were happy to have you join us each week and hope you enjoy this weeks features to inspire you.. We have so many talented bloggers it is hard to to choose but we do our best each week, and if you need more Inspiration check out Last Weeks Party #335 on 10/31 there were so many great blogs that visit us with great of Ideas.


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♥Feature Chosen by Suzan // Country Crafts Penny's Treasures // Creating Christmas in the Studio Dried-fruit-garland.j

♥Feature Chosen by Indah // My Purple World Our Tiny Nest // How To Make a Dried Fruit Garland Printable-Editable-Thanksgiving-Planner.

♥Feature Chosen by Clearissa // Clearissa Command Center Krafty Planner // Printable Editable Thanksgiving Planner


♥Feature Chosen by Kaycee // My Crafty Zoo Treat n Trick // Low fat banana cake Pumpkin-Pie-In-A-CUp

♥Feature Chosen by Karren // Oh My Heartsie Girl Midlife Healthy Living // Pumpkin Pie in a Cup Dutch-almond-bars-recipe.

♥Feature Chosen by Karren // Oh My Heartsie Girl Ann's Entitled Life // Dutch Almond Bars Recipe Chocolate-Chip-Cheesecake-Cupcakes

♥Feature Chosen by Karren // Oh My Heartsie Girl Crystal and Company // Chocolate Chip Mini Cheesecake Cups


♥Feature Chosen by Emma // ThExtraordinariOnly Filling The Jars 10 Productive Things To Do During The Day Instead Of Napping


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  1. A lovely link party you have here! I love the recipes listed.

  2. Replies
    1. come and join us.. you can put your link as well here

  3. Semoga pindahannya berjalan lancar ya Mbak Indah. Selamat datang di rumah baru yang lebih besar dan modern ya mbak

  4. hopefully oneday i have opportunity to enjoy spring there, Aamiin

  5. Udah kayak negeri di atas awan ya, Mbak. Padahal sebetulnya sedang berkabut. Trus, saya mikir, dingin gak sih berenang di pantai dengan cuaca seperti itu?

  6. wah, liat fotonya aja jadi berasa dinginnya sampai sini, huahua.. semoga pindahannya lancar dan rumah baru semakin membawa keberkahan ya mbaakk :D

  7. Moga pindahan ke rumah baru bikin betah ya Mba Indah. Berkabut ya cuacanya. Kebayang dingin. Tetep Jaga kesehatan ya Mba

  8. Jaga kesehatan mbak, semoga proses pindahan rumahnya lancar ya. Packing di rumah lama dan bongkar lagi di rumah baru

  9. Kebayang klo malam brrrrr dingin bgt ya mbaa

    Bisa nge freeze deh
    Tapi senaaanggg ya, banyak pengalaman 😉👍

  10. Brrrrrr dinigin ya mbak di musim spring, apalagi lihat kabut pagi kaya gitu. Miss uuuuu mbak Indah, cuma bisa lihat aktivitas dari postingan blognya. Sheat-sehat selalu ya di sana

  11. Selamat atas rumah barunya mba. Lancar-lancar proses pindahannya. So wonderful place. Sukses selalu..

  12. Wah kebayang lagi rempong krn pindahan, saya aja yang pndahan 4 bulan lalu sampai sekarang blm kelar2 haha. Semoga rumah barunya lebih nyaman ya mbak khususnya buat kesehatan penghuninya dan dapat tetangga2 yang baik. Eh kalau di sana kenal tetangga kanan kiri jg gak sih? :D

  13. Wah, mau pindahan ya mbk. Semoga lancar ya mbk pindahannya, penasaran jadinya sama rumah barunya.

  14. Hope the moving process to a new place is smooth and all of family member have a good health. Take care ya Mba Indah

  15. Fotonya cakep banget mba, kalau lihat begini udah kayak pas main ke puncak ya.
    Disana juga musim flu dan batuk ya mba. semoga sehat selalu semuanya.

  16. Selamat pindah ke rumah baru, kak Indah.
    Kalau pindah ke Khandallah apakah akan jauh dari tempat kerja dan sekolah anak-anak?

  17. Di kampung say juga ini di Cianjur Selatan setiap malam rasanya kaya musim dingin saja saking dinginnya dibandingkan hari sebelumnya. Cuaca sudah tidak bisa diprediksi ya

  18. Semoga dimudahkan ya mbaa...lancar pindahannya dan betah di rumah baru...semoga sehat selalu ini menjelang desember wellington musim panas ya mbaa....pastinya pada siap2 liburan musim panas.

  19. Semoga proses pindahan rumahnya lancar ya. Sehat-sehat juga. Meski matahari malu-malu untuk menghampirinya.

  20. FYI nih Mbak Indah, rumah mertua yg kami tempatin ini menghadap matahari terbenam. Sehingga rumah juga jadi lembab 😭 entah gimana ya cara menyiasatinya

  21. Ooo baru aja pindahan ya, Mom. Semoga habis ini semua anggota keluarga sehat ya dengan posisi rumah yang lebih baik.

  22. kebayang betapa repotnya kalau pindahan lagi musim dingin meskipun sudah waktunya musim semi namun udara dingin agak menghambat ya mom tetap semangat deh

  23. Selamat pindah ke rumah baru mbak. Hepi banget pasti ya. Btw, lagi musim dingin ya mbak? Wow, pindahan pas musim dingin gini semoga sehat selalu ya mbak

  24. Wah seneng banget inii. Semoga dimudahkan dilancarkan pindahannya ya mbaa aamiin :)

  25. Waaahh foto pembukanya mengingatkanku sama perjalanan kemarin mengejar sunrise di Bromo. What a lovely scenery mba..

  26. Pindahan disana serempomg pindahan di Indo ga sih, Mba? Soalnya saya bayangin kayaknya easy aja.


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