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beautiful morning in Karori, Wellington

How is March treating you so far?

Hope it's well and friendly.

It's getting windier and colder here in Wellington, a solid sign that summer is leaving us pretty soon.

We have days filled with endless rain, grey sky and cold wind. Oh my.. I want summer to stay longer as I haven't really go out there and enjoy the sun. Now that my diving gear has arrived, I haven't got a chance to actually dive or snorkel in the area. I still need to get my thick wet suit to hand the cold water in this area. Well, still so much to do and so little time.

Work are still quite demanding nowadays with a lot of courtesy calls being arranged, documents to be prepared and report to be sent. Well, I guess in this time of the year you will always have something coming up, being it the new variant of the viruses and the surging numbers of cases, the ongoing conflict and its damaging effect, the crazy inflation due to the conflict and so many more. Meanwhile, we also have priorities and engagement to make in order to fulfil our assignments and mandates here. Hope we all stay vigilant and high spirited when it comes to all this activities and tasks.

how I miss going out there..

Meanwhile, my office is facing the shortage of staff due to the pandemic. Now that we have Omicron crazily spread among the communities, many of us have to brace the impact. so, that will certainly the best way to move forward, to actually learn to live with the virus and continue strengthening our immune system and boosting up our fitness level. Not always that easy but we can certainly do that. One thing I love here in New Zealand is that I get a chance to go out and enjoy nature more. Cheers to that!

Cheers from Cape Palliser area..

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  1. I like that last photo. The coloring of the waves and sky are beautiful!


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