WW: Pasar Sunan Giri, Jakarta Timur

Welcome to Pasar Sunan Giri, Jakarta Timur

Who loves exploring traditional or local markets?
I do! I really do.

One of the advantages of going back home to Indonesia is that we are surrounded by lovely markets selling fresh produces, food and beverages, as well as items you usually find in the market. It is so colorful and mesmerizing, at least for me. 

Recently I have stopped by at Pasar Sunan Giri. Pasar means market and Sunan Giri is the name of the street around the area. The visit was of course conducted by following the strict health protocol. Well the market was not crowded either, unlike the time before the pandemic.

some of the colorful fabrics we saw

I was looking for some fabrics to match my collection of traditional fabrics. My daughter and I do need some new clothes to bring to our new post and we try to use the time we have. 

Rows of various colorful laces, perfect for kebaya

So, we enjoyed strolling around the market to see what they have in store. We bought some fabrics, buttons, pom - poms and accessories which would be used for our dresses, outers and kebayas.

Here are some photos I took during the walk.

So, what do you think? Do you enjoy visiting market as well? Do you like looking at various fabrics and accessories in colors? 

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  1. I would love to visit the Indonesian markets. They seem filled with lots of vibrant things. Our markets are probably very boring in comparison.


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