Conrad Bali Hotel for Your Exceptional Stay in Bali

Won't you agree when I say Bali is always a wonderful idea?

I am so addicted to Bali and I can't believe I was lucky enough to actually get a chance to come back and forth here in the last 3 months.

I have coming back to this Island of Paradise again and again, including with my petite famille, the Frakarsas. Our last trip to Bali, which is still ongoing by the time I wrote this, is quite long as we plan to stay for around 10 days here. This time, we are staying at Conrad Bali.

Speaking of Conrad Bali, this is one of the best hotels in my list of most favorite hotels in Bali. I have been coming back-and-forth to Conrad Bali due to is incredible facilities, heart warming services, strategic location and great pools by the ocean. Everything is lovely! So far, I have been staying here for 4 times.

Conrad Bali Hotel, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
Cheers from happy me..

Now, let's have a little room tour and review!

Feel free to see this video as well at my YouTube channel.

The room is comfortable, spacious, and beautifully designed. I love all the Balinese touch perfectly combined with the comfort of technology for a great stay. One particular wood carving on the wall really looks amazing.

Conrad Bali Hotel, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
I love this!

The bed is comfy, the bathroom is exquisite, the amenities are incredible, and the natural landscape as well the view is breathtaking.

Conrad Bali Hotel, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
The bedroom with twin bed

Conrad Bali Hotel, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
the bathroom

Towels are clean and smells wonderful, you get iron and ironing board as well. You have choices of bathtub and shower at the same time. Most of the things you need during your stay are available. You can check it out from my photos and my videos on YouTube!

All the staff are very friendly too. From the moment you step out of the car arriving here till the time you check out of the hotel, you can feel their genuine soul. Love it! And the newly renovated lobby is amazing. Spacious, beautifully decorated and I just love all the home accents they use!

the main lobby at Conrad Bali Hotel, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

I always got that big plate of fresh fruits in my room and whenever you need anything, you only have to dial the concierge’s or the guest service. I don't really have to wait for long before getting what I need.

fresh fruit in your room at Conrad Bali Hotel, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia

I came here before the pandemic and during the pandemic and both stay remain incredible. I know that we have a lot of adjustments due to the pandemic but the great thing about the Hilton group is that they are really implement thing that clean stay approach and principles for all the guests. Your temperature is checked since the very first time you enter the premises, hand sanitizers are everywhere, and your room is thoroughly cleaned and sealed before you enter. Even the bellboy or staff cannot come to the room in order to ensure the cleanliness and safety for the guests. Physical distance is repeatedly Breakfast is beautiful as we still have the buffet that we always love whenever we have breakfast in the hotel and then additional menu from the a la carte.

For the Buffet, you have bread station, egg stations, and Indonesian breakfast like chicken porridge, fried rice and fried noodles. From the a la carte menu, you have Japanese bento with fish or chicken teriyaki, more eggs choices like egg Benedict and fluffy omelette, pancakes, various kind of healthy salads, cereals, yogurt and muesli, fresh fruits, and more.

One of the pools... it has many pools indeed!

Don't get me start with the pools.. It has 5 huge ones I guess so you can swim to your heart content. My kids are going crazy with them! Not to mention the beach. Clean and so close to the premises, you can enjoy great sunrise or even lovely sunset here. As we are spending some holiday here in December before Christmas, they put this beautiful Christmas tree made of that unique, iconic Balinese monkey in Conrad called Komang dressed for various occasions, for the Christmas tree! They are very cute indeed. They also give you a 30-minute free complimentary photo session. Nice, right!

Don't forget to enjoy the incredible sunrise on the beach! Even the sunset is lovely as well, as we saw rainbow on one of our late afternoon here!

Sunset at Conrad Bali Hotel, Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
it's the rainbow!

Here's the exact location of Conrad Bali.

All in all, my stay is lovely and thoroughly enjoyable.

My kids are having the time of their lives and we are more than happy to be back here again soon.

Don't forget to visit Conrad Bali and get an exceptional stay here!


  1. Huhuuu kumenatap dengan jealous hahahahhaa
    how lucky you are mbak Indah, traveling with family is the sweetest moment and also the best time, right!

    Anyway aku sukaaaa nonton Youtube nya,
    sering sering yooo

  2. Mba Indah udah lihat interview Kim Seon Ho (pemeran Han Ji Pyeong - Start Up) di CNN Indonesia?
    Dia kan ditanyain tuh, pengin pergi ke mana kalo traveling ke Indonesia?
    Kata doi, kalo coronces udah kelar, dia pengin ke Bali! Trus mupeng maem nasi goreng khas Indonesia :D
    Yes, indeed....Bali is always a wonderful idea :D

  3. Duh nyaman banget hotelnya mba..cocok buat family staycation...
    have fun mba insav n keluarga...tetap jaga protokol kesehatan ya

  4. Cakep banget view di sekitaran hotelnya, kamar hotel yang menyenangkan pula. Betah banget deh walaupun seminggu disitu melihat nyiur melambai dan pantai yang menawan

  5. Bali memang selalu istimewa dan rasanya mau balik lagi dan lagi. Suka deh kalau menginap di dekat pantai kaya gini. Enak pagi-pagi disambut suara ombak dan pasti senjanya juga menawan

  6. Bali is on my bucket list for sure. That view of being in the pool while looking at the ocean is amazing. You are so blessed to be able to visit this gorgeous place so often. Thank you for co-hosting and sharing at #omhgww.

  7. wah benar sekali mbak...fasilitas hotelnya sangat lengkap, suasananya nyaman
    menginap disini pasti sangat menyenangkan y

  8. Bali cantik dan ngangenin ya Mba Indah, hotelnya juga menyenangkan banget dengan pemandangan pantai yang fantastis..liburan banget ini suasananya...

  9. Huwaa...Bali di akhir tahun.
    Akankah ramai seperti tahun-tahun sebelum pandemi?
    Ngliat sunsetnya jadi ayeem, rasanya.

  10. Happy mamabo healthy mamabo.sehat-sehat cantik sekali bisa ambil poto dari atas gitu pulaunya

    Pengen jalan2 juga dah lama bangett ini

  11. love the hotel! The view and the details of the room are soo beautiful and authenthic. i wish i can travelling to Bali too next year! Aamiin

  12. Bagus banget hotelnya mam, kebayang senengnya ya anak-anak diajak liburan ke sini. Duuuh kapan ya bisa ke Bali lagi. Belum pernah ke sana sama keluarga nih.

  13. Indahnyaaaa Bali. Jujur pengen banget ke Nusapenida ini dan belum kesampaian soon pengen juga menginap d hotel Conrad Bali ini ah mbaaa, thank you udah review dengan lengkap

  14. Hai mbak Indah, aku seneng banget tuh lihat kolam renangnya Conrad Bali. Semoga tahun depan bisa ke Bali, sudah terlalu stuck ini di rumah terus selama pandemi. Hehe

  15. Masyaallah..fotonya bagus banget bikin pengen ke sana dan berenang di Conrad Bali. Apalagi lama ga liburan nih mba huhuhu

  16. The story you wrote, the pictures you uploaded, made me want to fly there immediately. Huhu, envy!

  17. setuju benget kalau Bali memang lokasi wisata yang cantik dengan segala pemandangannya. sekali ke sana, memang bikin ketagihan pengen ke sana lagi


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