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June is approaching its final week and we have so many events to organize at my office.

We just celebrated jakarta's 493rd Birthday.
Yaaay... I hope Jakarta, the Capital city of Indonesia, will be much, much better in the near future and become better home for all of us.

Now that the new normal is really kicking in, most of our activities are done virtually, including many meetings at the UN. In Geneva, at the Human Rights Council, physical meetings have been conducted but very limited, restricted and following the healthy protocol. They are not advising any delegation from the Capital so we have to wait before we can travel and join the UN meetings again.

We have been preparing my son's Senior High School enrollment. Insya Allah he will join SMA AL Azhar Kelapa Gading. I sincerely hope he will continue to enjoy his school time here. He has been through a lot and I admire his fighting spirit.

We are now spending 2 years in Jakarta already and usually, after 2.5 years, I will be eligible for  another assignment abroad. I don't know yet whether there are some openings on particular posts I like but we still have time before we need to pack things up again. Besides, the COVID-19 saga is still here. So we need to take some times to see more progress on the ground in terms of addressing Coronavirus.

Now, let's join me, Oh My Heartsie Girls and friends in our weekly party!

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  1. biasanya bulan juni ada pekan raya jakarta ya mbak :) tahun ini ga ada karena pandemi

  2. padahal seru ya mbak PRJ biasanya diburu karena diskonnya banyak, sayangnya tahun ini gak ada

  3. Banyak acara seru selama pandemi yang harus di cancel atau tetap berjalan namun secara virtual. Padahal biasanya menyambut Juni kita suka liburan bersama gitu.

  4. Wah banyak banget ini pilihan kegiatan di rumah ajanya yah! Semoga semuanya sehat selalu ya

  5. oh iya bulan juni ini ulang tahun kota Jakarta ya, biasanya ramai PRJ tapi tahun ini bakal berbeda ya :(

  6. Tahun kemarin sempat ke PRJ, tahun ini kita di rumah dulu saja. Hope next year kita bisa cepebrate Ulang tahun Jakarta lagi dan PRJ ada lagi

  7. Kakak tinggal di kelapa gading ya? Aku juga dulu warga sana. Ortuku masih di gading, jd sblm pandemi masih suka bolak balik gading haha.. sukses buat anaknya di tahun ajaran baru 🥰

  8. Pastinya warga ibukota sangat menantikan PRJ tiap tahunnya ya, semoga tahun depan bisa menyaksikan PRJ dengan bahagia dan semoga pandemi segera berakhir

  9. wah sayangnya acaranya dah kelewat ya, padahal pengen nyobain ikutan. Tahun ini ga bisa menikmati PRJ ya Mba, mudah-mudahan pandemi segera membaik, aamiin. Congrats to Obi, now you are a senior high school, lancar semuanya

  10. Waah, akan penempatan lagi ya? Aku pikir Mba Indah akan stay seterusnya di Jakarta. Aku penasaran jadinya kemana lagi kaki Mba Indan melangkah.

  11. My son Mica starts high school this upcoming year. They pick their school in the spring here. I wish they'd have a virtual tour online. His school is huge. He's nervous about finding his way.

  12. Alhamdulilalh selamat milad ibukota tercintaku Jakarta
    Semoga tahun ini cobaan yang dilalu masyarakat makinn menguatkan kita dalam bertoleransi. Udah kangen Monas nih daku ehehhe

  13. New normal banyak kegiatan yang bisa lakukan. Walau serba terbatas tapi nikmati aja.

  14. I hope his high school transition goes smoothly. It's always a little frightening to move on to a new chapter, but your kids seem very resilient and bounce back quickly. Good luck!


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