Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

We miss traveling aroung!

Hope everyone is well and May is half - way already.

So is the holy month of Ramadhan. We sincerely hope we have managed to do more good things besides fulfilling our obligations in this fasting month. 

Many can use our generosity and kindness in this trying times, as we witness many families are severely affected by this pandemic. Let us pray and pray and pray more so that this pandemic will go away soon, while t the same time we fully observe the important health protocol so that we can save ourselves as well as others. I have seen so many ignorance lately and some people just simply don't care about COVID-19. I saw people flocking around, doing their activities as if nothing dangerous is happening and even being reluctant to wear mask because it's not comfortable. Well, I'm tired of commenting on such covidiots but I will continue to remind myself and my family to stay at home and take care of our health. Like many of us, we DO miss going out and do the things we love but we have to be patience. 

We miss swimming so much!

The week has also been filled with more assignments and tests (plus endless Zoom meeting and webinars), both for me and my kids. It's tiring sometimes but I know this is the 'new normal'. I try to take it easy and let it flow. But I seriously have issues with virtual - meetings fatigue and my poor near-sighted eyes. For sure looking at your gadgets for hours are not healthy at all.

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  1. Convidiot ya istilahnya ... di semua tempat ada saja ya. Di sekeliling rumah kami juga. Jadi kita fokus ke diri kita dan keluarga saja ya, Mbak Indah. Semoga semua keluarga sehat, tidak tersentuh virus ini.

  2. Semoga kita semua selamat sampai pandemi ini berakhir ya mbak, kita bahkan belum tau kapan puncaknya. Sudah mulai lelah

  3. oemji Legolaaand, hihihi langsung salfok ke legoland, soalnya salah satu tempat yang pengen banget aku datengin hihihi

  4. Memang kayaknya kita harus mulai membiasakan diri dengan yang namanya new normal karena nggak tahu entah sampai kapan virus dan pandemi ini akan berakhir.

  5. Ahhh kangen juga berenang, meski ga bisa berenang, tapi main airnya itu loooh.
    Huhu, semoga kita masih diberikan kesadaran untuk stay at home, agar cepet selesai wabah ini.

  6. For sure, everyone including adults needs inspiration covid 19 edition!

    By the way I just note this, "Covidiots" Hahaha.

    ... and I just found the other new urban words too such as doomscrolling, covideoparty, qurantine and locktail!

    Words have always evolved to reflect society.
    During this time of upheaval, neologisms are emerging fast!

  7. Covidiots LOL. I am so stealing that saying! I am simply amazed at the amount of people who won't wear a mask. Yes, it sucks, but it's for the good of ALL! I do pray this virus passes as quickly as possible.

  8. I miss going to Legoland.

    We hardly go out. My husband did start back up last week, or maybe it was the week before. He's a Dental Tech. They lock the door to patients coming in. They have to wear lab shirts, that get washed, wear a mask, wash their hands, and less hours for now.

    I've been working from home. Last week I worked day and night (finals). This week I'm slacking more because the students got done. BUT I made up for it in hours last week.

    I can't stand Americans, and maybe it's elsewhere too...that think their rights are taken from them because they don't want to wear a mask. HELLO it's to protect the workers in places. We have other rules like - no shirt, no shoes, no service. No one makes a fuss about that. I think some are like - America the land of the free. But they are more like - America I can do whatever I want. It's sad!


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