WW: Dago Highland Resort, West Java

We are welcoming ourselves back to Bandung.
As you have probably been aware of, my sister-in-law just got married a week ago and we are now taking her to Bandung to meet her new family.

It was my hubby's family who are traveling from Lampung, stop by in Jakarta for one night then travel together to Bandung. It was the 9 of us in total. Good thing we didn't experience traffic except by the time we reached Pasteur toll gateway, the entrance of Bandung. In less than 3 hours, we have arrived in this Paris van Java city.

Welcome to Dago Highland Resort
This time, we decided t stay in Dago Highland Resort.
We visited the house of our sister-in-law new family house in Dago and therefore we chose this area to stay the night.

The view from the cafe near the lobby
The resort is located at the top hill of Dago Pakar.
As you can imagine, the resort is okay, just average unfortunately, but the view is amazing.
The joy of listening to the sound of birds chirping, inhaling fresh air, and enjoying wonderful vista is priceless!
Here are some photos I took during our 2-day stay in this place.

Swimming session by the hill..

Fresh flower for you all..

Good morning..

Let's just relax here..

My kids and their cousin enjoying the pool..

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  1. Aih sdh ada di Bandung lagi nih Mba.. Aku malahan nelum pernah nginep di.daerah ini hehe..

  2. Duh, belum pernah kesini, padahal masih di Bandung ya. Boleh juga buat staycation sama family

  3. One of my fave resorts in Bandung. Welcome mba Indah and family. Hope we can meet soon.

  4. I love the photos you took there, so beautiful. I think this resort is really a great place for family staycation.

  5. Beautiful resort. So pretty and very relaxing.


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