Flood in Jakarta, February 2020

Flood in Jakarta? Nothing new, I said.
We all know how horrible the flood was as we had a big blast in the beginning of 2020.
Many areas in Jakarta, Tangerang and greater area of Jakarta and West Java.
What happened in January was horrid and it took a while to take care of it.

But then, last February 25, another wave of flood came to Jakarta and the surrounding areas. Constant heavy rain poured since the night before and the result was another episode of disastrous flood.  

The flood near my area

I live in East Jakarta, which is not immune from flood but usually only happens on the roads, not literally flooding the houses. My house is safe and not affected, but the roads near us was flooded.
It's around 25 cm high

My dearest Jakartaaa

It was not really a problem if I didn't have to attend my diplomatic training :).
As the class was not dismissed, I braced myself to commute with my hubby. Using his KTM bike, we rode the flooded street to reach the Center of Education and Training on the other side of the city. I firstly tried to take the bus but it was stuck due to the blocked or flooded roads as well.
We took detour here and there to ensure the road we chose was safe enough. we lined up with many drivers and riders to take turn passing the roads flooded yet safe enough to go through.
And Alhamdulillah, we made it!
On time!
Meaning I was not stuck in the traffic

So, long story short, we had a happy ending and arrived safely at the CET as well as home.
I even managed to record some short videos and take pictures along the way.
Feel free to check out my video in YouTube below.

I sincerely hope we have no more floods in Jakarta and the surroundings.
Stay healthy and happy, dear friends


  1. Parah sih emang banjir kemaren tuh. Sebulan aja 2x banjir. Semoga pemerintah lebih cepat tanggap ya antisipasi banjir.

  2. Thank to God ya Mba you arrived safely to your center education training. Stay safe mba and I hope no more floods, aamiin


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