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Another week and I had a blast last weekend joining an outbound program with our Senior Diplomatic Training class, Sesparlu Batch 64.

clear blue sky and plush paddy field welcomed us at Purwakarta

When I said senior, most of us are indeed more than 40 years old and have been posted abroad twice. It also means that we have worked at least around 15 years in the ministries. In my case it’s 18 years. That's quite some period.

So we had an outbound activities, aiming at getting to know one another and building our team work. We had it in Purwakarta, West Java, and it was fun indeed. We had all those silly  yet competitive games, challenges and group tasks. then we had bonfire as well as archeries plus archeries battle. Long story short, we had a blast.

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  1. Enjoy your trip to purwakarta, sist...always feel warm seeing the green field and bright sunshine

  2. Masyaallah hampir 20 tahun di kemenlu ya mba. Enjoy your refreshing activities mba :)

  3. It is enjoyable to see beautiful green scenery. And a lot more fun for archeries battle. I had done that more than a couple years ago.

  4. Rentang waktu yang cukup panjang ya mba di Kemenlu, ikut merasa senang, aktifitasnya kayanya bener-bener sangat menyenangkan ya ba, enjoy your life mba.

  5. Wah aku malah belom pernah berkegiatan di purwakarta. Kebayang asiknya malam-malam menikmati kehangatan api unggun bersama yang lain

  6. how glad to join Senior Diplomatic Training class

    sukses selalu mbak indahh

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. keren ya, mengasah bahasa inggris saya ini kalau baca blog mba :) seru ya nampaknya trainingnya.

  9. How about Purwakarta itself, is it cold there?
    Wishing you better career for the future Mam. You are such a great woman. Kiss kiss....

  10. I love the view of the paddy field, Mbak. We have one near our house. Someone else's paddy field of course he he. But we're glad that we have this view, so refreshing

  11. 18tahun di kemenlu pasti punya banyak sekali pengalaman yang sangat berharga. Seru acaranya, mbak.

  12. Wah, sounds great have a training at Purwakarta ya mom 😍 more interesting than ur abroad's experience?


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