Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!
And happy holiday for us all.

Cheers from the hospital..
I managed to go through the hysteroscopy before Christmas break and got hospitalized for two days. The last two months have been quite tough, as my hubby and I were hospitalized with a short interval in between. Mine was scheduled, while my hubby was treated for appendicitis, which came abruptly. Well, I am waiting for the result which will be coming at on the last day of 2019. Talking about timing!

Nevertheless, I took some times to have a break and spent more quality time with my family.
We managed to travel around a little bit and explore Cirebon, one lovely city in West Java. Will share more about it later.

For now, I want you to join us on Wonderful Wednesday with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends! Let's go..

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  1. Ini kisah Gue, tau gak? Gara-gara Menjanda, Gue Gak Bisa Ikut Kibo Robot Programming Challenge :D :D


    Share semoga tembus sama minat anak SMA dan anak Kuliahan!

  2. I hope you and the hubs are feeling better now. Happiest New Years wishes to you and your lovely family, Indah xoxo

  3. I do hope for wellness in regards to your family. Here's to 2020!

    My own little family has been ok. Isaak had Strep and Mica had a really bad cold. I feel for other outside family members. Influenza A is super bad here! My sister's whole family got it. It was scary for my nephew with Trisomy 18. He's ok now. My cousin was turning yellow. They took him in. He had no health insurance. Found out he needed his gallbladder out - stat! Well they couldn't get him in for a few weeks. It was like cement! My aunt had a bad UTI. My uncle had pancreatic cancer. He's getting internal bleeding, and keeps having to go back in. My mom and another cousin got so sick with something that they both had to get chest X-rays and put on steroids. I just hope no one else gets Influenza A. That can be a really bad one!


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