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Cheers from Semarang..

Here comes another busy week.
I have been traveling here and there for works and while it's exciting, it's also tiring at some point.

After coming back from Moscow, I have to attend meetings at Semarang and Solo, two beautiful cities in Central Java. I have visited these cities before but it's always nice to be back here again.

Semarang, the capital city of  Central Java Province, has been chosen as the place for the final DiploFest, Diplomacy Festival,held by my ministry. This wonderful city has also been well-known for being a wonderful melting pot, where Chinese descendants and Indonesians have lived together side by side harmoniously.

I visited Sam Poo Kong Temple in Semarang and got the photo session wearing traditional Chinese costume! It was so much fun!

I love this costume, although it's heavy and hot!

Sam Poo Kong Temple

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  1. I am very happy to discover your post as it will become on top in my collection of favorite blogs to visit. Frozen 2 2019 Online Streaming

  2. Wah...mbak indah ke Semarang dan Solo ya, selangkah lagi ke Surabaya dan bisa bertemu dengan mbak Indah. Kangen berat, lama tak bersilaturahmi disini...

  3. When i visited Semarang, i only visited Lawang Sewu. next i'll visit Semarang can visit Sam poo kong. So happy yass Mba, can photo wearing traditional chinese costume :)

  4. waaah aku belum pernah nih main ke semarang ataupun ke solo, jadi pengen liburan juga deh, seneng banget bisa berkunjung ke daerah wisata di sana, suka banget sama ppakaiannyaa <3

  5. wah mbak Indah ke Semarang dan Solo ya? aku belum pernah ke dua kota itu mbak, ke Yogya sih pernah semoga kapan2 aku bisa mampir ke semarang dan solo juga ya mbak

  6. You look gorgeous wearing traditional Chinese Custome's.
    Dua kali ke Sam Po Kong, belum pernah masuk sampai ke dalam kuilnya.

  7. Sam Poo Kong emang destinasi wajib kalau ke Semarang yah. rasanya belum lengkap kalau belum mampir ke sana. Pas kunjungan kedua ke sana, saya juga menyempatkan diri sembahyang di sana. It was a nice temple dan sudah banyak acara hiburan juga.

  8. wah, seruu banget mba ke Sam Poo Kong.. Aku belum pernah kesana.. Jadi pengen liburan keluar kota juga deh..

  9. Cantik banget ya memang kuil Sam Poo Kong ini. Kalo ke Semarang, wajib banget mampir di sana. Berasa kayak ke negeri Tiongkok ya :)

  10. Sam Poo Kong keren banget ya.. Btw itu kostum tradisional Cina nya ada tempat penyewaannya atau gimana kak?

  11. You look stunning on that costume, mbak! How much does it cost to rent the costume? Do they also have the ones for male and kids?
    I'd definitely visit the temple the next time I go to Semarang.

  12. Wow gak keliatan lagi di Semarang lho mbak, kayak di negeri asalnya pakaian tradisional itu, seperti di negerinya Andi lau hehe

    Alhamdulillah sehat selalu ya mbak. Kebayang seneng tapi pasti ada capeknya juga kan kerja di sana dan di sini.

  13. Happy wonderful wednesday Mba Indah. Nanti mau jalan2 kesana juga sambil mejeng pake baju lengkapnya juga :)

  14. Meski sibuk, mba Indah selalu menyempatkan diri untuk bisa menikmati kearifan lokal dan itu membuatku salut deh. Jadi bisa enjoy kerjanya ya...

  15. Wah kalau ke Semarang harus mampir nih ke Sam Po Kong. Bisa foto pakai busana ratu zaman dulu. Cantik busananya mba Indah.

  16. Seru banget ya bisa jalan-jalan ke Semarang dan main ke Sam Po Kong juga dan berfoto pakai baju ini juga ya mbak

  17. Wah tempatnya bagus banget wajib diku jungi nih kalau kapan2 liburan k semarang

  18. Jalan2 ke Semarang memang selalu bikin hepi ya mba, apalagi banyak banget spot2 indah buat pepotoan

  19. You look so pretty in the traditional Chinese costume! I always love the rich tones there. I bet it's even more magnificent to see in person though!

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  22. There are no greater treasures than the highest human qualities such as compassion.

  23. Finally reached the Apex of Standardized Suckitude.


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