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Happy Ifthar!

What a lovely week.
Ramadhan continues and we are now heading towards the second week of this holy month. I am super happy and proud that my kids and my family solemnly observe the fasting month. Bo et Obi are brave and strong enough to have full fasting days and observe their praying as well, including sholat taraweh. 

One of the highlights about this lovely month is I get to spend more and more quality time with my loved ones. Office hours stop at 3 PM and I can go straight home to prepare for Ifthar or the meal for breaking the fast. My daughter, Nadine,  and I spent some times in the kitchen to cook and we prepared our favorite munchies, such as mini martabak, tempe goreng tepung, and 

There are times when we went out and had Ifthar at the restaurant as well. Boy, those restaurants are packed indeed with people have gatherings of Ifthar. We usually have to be at the restaurant early to make sure we have the seat and order the food on time. Sometimes parking can be a bit tricky as well and for sure, one of my main concerns is the place for praying. well, the facilities are available but the queueing is crazy, be it for praying as well as for wudhu or ablution. Well, it's one of the 'beauties' of Ramadhan.

Meanwhile, it's time to invite you all to our weekly party with My Purple World, Oh My Heartsie Girls and Friends.

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!! Where we start early in week 157. This week our Co-Hosts have chosen from the previous week's links and we have gone overboard and have chosen 9 blogs to feature. I am sure that you will find it both fun and interesting to meet and make friends with bloggers through our party and we appreciate your visit today!


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But Now......Lets Party..
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  1. selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa mba indah dan keluarga semoga puasanya lancar sampai idul fitri nanti ditunggu cerita berpuasa unik selanjutnya

  2. I'm so happy to read your sweet story in ramadan. Oh, I see, yesterday I saw Nadine's photo on your timeline. how's cute she is kak.

  3. wah.. pilihan makanannya beragam sekali, jadi lapar hehehe.. pengen coba juga deh makanannya.

  4. aku suka banget kulineran, jadi tiap baca konten makanan tuh bawaannya pengin ngunyah terus ka >.<

  5. Tempe goreng tepung is also one of our favourites! You can't go wrong with tempe! Apalagi kalau masih hangat dan dimakan pakai sambal atau cabe rawit. yummy!

  6. Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa mba, semoga lancar & sehat terus yaa

  7. Mama Bo...
    Happy shaum Ramadan.

    Memang waktu-waktu terindah adalah menunggu berbuka dan bisa berkumpul bareng keluarga.
    Berasa banget momen Ramadannya.

  8. Mba Indah, happy saum yaaa dan memang saat-saat berbuka itu paling enak banget buat kumpul keluarga ya. Salam buat keluarga mbaa

  9. aku langsung salfok sama berbagai makanan yang kayanya enak banget, selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa ya Mbak ��

  10. Masya Allah tabarakallah Jadi kepengen juga makan tempe goreng tepung, memang Salah kalo lihat jam segini ya waktu buka puasa masih lama

  11. Kalau lagi puasa emang momentnnya spesial banget ya mbak, yang paling ditunggu juga saat saat berbukanya

  12. memang kalau buka di luar tantangannya adalah antri pas mo shalat, makanya kadang males gtu enak di rumah, haha


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