Five Favorite Websites for Online Shopping

Shopping time!
How I love it and can't get enough of it!

I mean, let's talk about online shopping :).
I think it is safe to say that many of us have been accustomed to buying things online.
Well, everything is at your finger tips nowadays as information and communication technology continues to flourish and provide a lot of comfort for us as customers.

For sure, we save some time, energy and of course money by shopping online.
We can get extra online discounts, rewards and cashback, as well as free shipping for certain amount of purchase. Not to mention endless choices and tons of items being offered online.

But on the other side, we have to be extremely careful with the financial transaction that we do online. Various scams and fraud have been done online so we better check and rechecked the payment system being used and make sure that we use the save and verified one. Not to mention we also need to check the sellers and the items we are interested to. Another thing we have to be careful of is additional fee, like shipping and handling as well as taxes. 

So, besides all the comfort you have from online shopping, make sure you are aware of some consequences as well.

Now, back to #BPN30day Challenge2018 Day 28
Allow me to start my list for 5 favorite websites for online shopping.
Wanna know what they are?
Here we go..

Here's the menu I have on my phone :)

Well, I set my heart on amazon and I still do!
Amazon has been an amazing platform for me and my family.
Not only when we live in NYC but also when we move to Indonesia already.
We certainly buy a lot of stuff from here, starting from cosmetics, books, clothes, to bikes, accessories, fresh food and medicine!

Kalau Bahasa Indonesianya, ini toko segala aya.
Aku dan Udi memang banyak sekali berbelanja di sini dan memanfaatkan aneka kemudahan yang ada. Kami bahkan masih menjadi member Amazon Prime hingga saat ini karena aku masih sering banget belanja di Amazon US.
Biasanya aku kirim ke alamat kantor yang lama dan menunggu sampai ada yang bisa membawanya ke Indonesia, baik melalui jastip atau jasa pertemanan.

I bet you know I will list on my favorite shopping place.
Online or offline, I am addicted to this beauty center.
It goes beyond a shop where you get almost everything you need when it comes to beauty product, as you can join its free classes, get free samples on everything they have in store and 3 free samples on your online purchase (with no minimum purchase), get extra free items when you purchase on certain amount, get rewarded for every single thing you buy, and more
The list is on and on and on.
No wonder I have been VIB Rogue, - a top-tier membership with so many benefits because you spend at least USD 1000,- per year ,- since 2014 up till now :). So have I have more than 6000 points that I have not redeemed yet as I will wait great prizes they have.

I always check on the sale they have and use extra discount or special event Sephora offers like before Christmas, labour day, birthday discount and more. Sometimes certain brands also give 50% off for changing the packaging or launching of new products.
And I got tons of samples and free goodies, including bags, pouches, books, and even umbrellas.

One of my favourites because of its CASHBACK program!
Oh my, I got hundreds of USD from all my crazy shoppings and for giving referral as well! And the great thing is, Ebates has so many online shopping platform where you usually get your stuff, like Sephora, Macy's, Amazon (rewards for certain departments), Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Kat Von D, Adidas, Michael Kors,, IHG (Holiday Inn group) and so many more!
All you have to do is click, choose the website you want and shop on it with the registered shopping trip from Ebates. Then once you're done with the shopping, it will send you the notification on your cash back. Every three month, a Big Fat Cheque will be sent to your registered address.
As simple as that!

One of the local online shopping platform my husband and I love to use.
We have been buying and selling items here as well.
Most of the time, my hubby used it to buy stuff for our renovated house.
We even get our set of traditional, vintage-look rattan sofa from here, sent right away and directly from Jepara!
I usually get small stuff like home accent and batik.
My hubby also sells some of his bikes and bike frames here.
So far it all work well!

Like the previous platform, I have been using this for shopping Indonesian stuff like batik, mukena, traditional food, souvenirs, and more.
I like to browse just to see the varieties of items being offered. 
They also have so many discounts on certain time and period, tempting us to buy more and more. Better check it out yourself so you can directly see how awesome it is to shop in Tokopedia.

Surely I have more favorite online shopping portals but 5 is really a great start.
How do you like online shopping?
Are you addicted to it?
What are your favorite online shopping sites?


  1. Bukalapak dan Tikopedia, iya banget buat aku yg tinggal di Indonesia tercintaa

  2. The first 3 sites are the one I never try before. Bayarnya pake CC kah? Yg bukalapak cuma beberapa kali. Tokopedia kadang beli tiket/pulsa gitu ��

  3. Aku blm pernah beli dari Amazon.. Harus pakai kartu kredit tidak y? Aku biasa pakai yg dari indonesia aja kayak tokped, lazada & shopee

  4. Aku juga sama paling suka Sephora, tokopedia dan bukalapak. Udah sangat terpercaya jadi ngga takut lagi dan barangnya terjamin keasliannya

  5. Cuma Bukalapak dan Tokopedia aja nih yang lokal. Aku juga sering belanja di dua tempat itu hehe

  6. Kalau saya lebih suka baca berita di portal berita tapi nggak sampai 5 juga sih. Kalau online shop ada tapi nggak semuanya 5 hihii

  7. Aku baru coba belanja di Tokopedia sih dari kelima list diatas. Dulu sempat download Bukalapak tapi ga sempat belanja disana eh udh keburu ku apus wkwk

  8. I never do the purchasing through those five sites yet. ����
    Tokopedia and Bukalapak are the most well-known sites in our country I guess.

  9. Sephora is life. Apalagi pas lagi holiday season gini. Pasti deh banyak banget diskon dan perks lainnya

  10. Kalau aku sephora , tokopedia dan bukalapak market place yang selalu aku kunjungin terutama holiday season kayak sekarang diskon nya banyak banget

  11. Amazon itu memang raksasanya online shop yang mbak, gak kalah itu juga ya ebay, aku belum pernah tuh nyobain belanja di

  12. Aku juga pecinta belanja online, selain mudah, suka ada gratis ongkirnya gitu. Haha, diskonnya juga banyak dan sering banget. Dari pilihan diatas, kayaknya aku paling sering beli sih di tokopedia. Amazon, shepora belum pernah coba.😁

  13. Aku jujur belom pernah belanja di online shop sih karna aku agak takut kalo barang yang aku mau nanti ga sesuai ekspetasi. Kan sedih kalo beli barang nanti kalo makeup palsu atau salah shade. Atau kalo baju kekecilan atau kebesaran huhuhu

  14. aku suka banget banget banget sephora, gatau kenapa produknya tuh banyak yg cocok dengan kulitkuuu. tapi sayang harganya mihil mihil banget huhuhu

  15. Tokopedia still be my fav, pelayanannya yang bagus dan terpercaya, makin betah belanja disitus belanja itu

  16. amazon sama ebates belum pernah aku. aku emak shopee banget mba. kayanya harus coba amazon nih

  17. I haven't tried to shop on 1 - 4 on your list xoxo.. however, tokopedia is one of my favorite e-commerce too! You should try shopee and blibli, their interface are similar to tokopedia, and their service is ok ^^

  18. My top 5 would be Amazon (I'd say most of my free money gets spent there!), Ulta, Ebay, Etsy, and Holy Flaps (for when I need a good gag gift)

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