Kisses from Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia

Kisses from Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia!

And blessed, obviously!
I finally got a chance to visit one of the amazing spots in my beloved Indonesia.
The city of Ambon, the capital of Maluku, or famously know as Moluccas, has been on top of my bucket list. 
I know I will be traveling around once I'm home as it's part of my job as well.
Nevertheless, when I found out that I will be visiting Ambon for a 3-day-2-night working visit, I dance like a kitty cat getting its favorite fish crackers!
Well, in short, I'm super happy.

Cheers from Liang Beach, Ambon

So I left Jakarta on Wednesday morning with Garuda Indonesia direct flight there.
We have a few option in terms of flight, including the ones with transit.
But this time, I chose the direct flight because it took more than 3 hours already and we need to prepare for the meeting.

Martha Tiahahu
Flying at 8.15 AM, we landed safely at 2 PM local time.
It was a smooth trip and the view from above is breathtaking!
We passed some flocks of islands and they look so inviting from above.
I don't know exactly which islands they are but looking at the map, I saw the famous Wakatobi islands as well as Tailabu and Buru islands.

One of the islands we passed otw to Ambon
Ambon, Maluku, is 2 hour earlier than Jakarta. 
Once we landed, we went to our hotel, Santika Premier Ambon, and checked in first.
It's a lovely hotel and just recently opened.
Love the room and the food here, although the pool is unfortunately not yet ready.
It has wonderful view of Ambon from above as well.

View of Ambon city from Santika Premier Hotel Ambon

Once we're done with check-in, we just realised how hungry we were all.
Since Ambon is famous for its nasi kuning or the yellow rice, we went to one of the the famous local restaurants serving this yummy delicacies.

I have perkedel kenning or potato fritters and mung beans stew
 We went to Restrain Ibu Nanik which serve traditional Ambonese nasi kuning with various main dishes like fish, meat, chicken, shrimps, vegetable fritters, and sayer kacang hijau or mung beans stew! That one is new for me and I like it!

This is yum!
Later that day, we went to another cafe to see the famous sunset!
So we went to Wailela Cafe at Rumah Tiga, Ambon.

We just chilled out and enjoyed the sceneries during the sunset time.
The cafe was packed with visitors and those enjoying the sunset like us.
It was beautiful for sure.

Sunset at Wailela Cafe, Ambon

I managed to record a live video on my YouTube account as well during the sunset in Wailela Cafe, Ambon. Feel free to check it out!

And here is some photos I took during my stay in Ambon.
We went to Liang and Natsepa Beaches as well.
Nothing else I can say but those beaches are drop dead gorgeous!

I am writing it as I'm boarding to Jogjakarta so, I don't really have much time! 
For sure, more stories are coming but meanwhile, enjoy the beauty of Ambon with these photos!

Smoked tuna! super yuuum

Galala Port, Ambon, where we buy the smoked tuna

Rujak time!

My favorite! Clear blue sky and turquoise water!

shall we take a (banana) boat ride? Liang beach, Ambon

Happy me at Liang beach, Ambon

Liang beach, Ambon

Lots of love from me and mini me!
Enjoy your weekend!
And see you on the next story and adventures.


  1. The Wailela cafe sure that crowd?

    I can imagine Mama Bo blend in that ambiance while goyang jempol.
    Because it sound "Aku lagi syantiik..."


    1. Hahahaaa iyaaa betul mba.. I danced while enjoying my pisang goreng

  2. Wooww woow wooow.. pantainya & makanannya sama2 menarik. Aku baru tau kalau nasi kuning ambon pakai topping kacang ijo. Yang sering ku makan nasi kuning menado dan itu enak bangeeet.. versi ambon ini juga pasti enak kayanya :)

    1. Enak bangeeet mba! Gurihnya mas dan temannya banyaaak

  3. Adding Ambon to my bucket list, Indah! Beautiful photos as always.

  4. Cantikkk banget pantainya, biru jernih. Suasana sunsetnya juga gak kalah cantik. Pengen bisa kesana nikmatin indah pemandangan disana hehehe *mimpi

    1. Banget bangeet memang cantiknya Ambon nih mba.. aku instantly jatuh cinta

  5. View kota Ambon dari Santika Hotel cakep nian mba Indah. Duduk aja di swimming pool sambil melamun kayaknya asik deh.

    Oiya yg warna kuning oranye itu acar kuning ya, duhhh aku ngileeeer lihatnya

    1. Iya viewnya juara.. dan makanannya enaaak semuaaa mba

  6. Maasyaa Allah itu Liang Beach bikin mupeeeng mau ke Ambon Manise...
    Hiks... Kapan ya bisa cuss?!

    1. Pantai Liang memang cantik bangeeet nih Amma.. semoga bisa mampir nanti

  7. Udah lamaaa aku gk menikmati sunset di pantai. Cakep bgt sii. Aku liat videonya sambil ikut nyanyi lagi syantik niih. Haha

  8. Ada perbedaan rasa gak Mbak antara nasi kuning Ambon dnegan Jakarta? Itu lautnya cantik banget! Bersih pula kelihatannya

    1. Enakan yang di Ambon mba! Rasa asli .. lebih sedikit MSGnya hehehe.. aku suka banget

  9. Huhu jadi iri liht tripnya wonderful banget, how lucky you ๐Ÿ˜ i wish someday can visit tht place too, i only have friend and they told me how beautiful that place. And when i read this, i feel like there too ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. Good thing you have heard or seen it on the blog.. hopefully someday you will be there too

  10. Papaku asli Ambon, tapi aku sendiri belum pernah menginjakan kaki ke sana ��

    Jadi tambah pengen utk bisa pergi ke sana. Karena memang cantik banget pemandangan disana ��

  11. Foto-fotonya cantik, Mbak Indah.

    BTW, nasi kuningnya, gimana asanya? Khas ya itu?

  12. Ambon manise semoga saudara-saudara kita yang disana hidup bahagia, indah nian pantaimu...

  13. Liang Beach cantik banget ya ternyata. Ikan tuna dan rujaknya juga menggoda. Seketika saya lapar. Hehehe.

  14. The water is crystal cleaaar!!! And the sunset is beautiful ^_^

  15. Suamiku punya foti di Liang beach Ambon itu mama Bo. Cqntik ya pantainya airnya hijau dan biru

  16. Masya Allah, itu Liang Beach lautnya hijau banget yaaa... suka deh melihatnya dan pengen nyemplung juga

  17. Masya Allah indahnya pemandangan disana , lautnya masih bersih banget cocok lah ya buat berlibur sama keluarga.

  18. Wilayah timur Indonesia selalu jadi tempat yang asik untuk wisata alam. Nasi kuningnya kayak nasi kuning Manado ya? Btw itu perkedel mbulet menggoda banget siihh XD

  19. Liat fotonya mba Indah jadi mupeng berat. Dulu pas kerja sempat mau dinas ke Ambon. Udah hepi banget. Eh ternyata emang dasarnya belum rezeki batal huhuhu...

  20. Dulu ada teman yang ngerantau ikut suami tugas di sana dan sampai sekarang susah move on. Katanya Maluku tu cantik banget. Dan pas baca tulisan ini jadi keinget dia.

  21. So beautiful! I love those blue skies and that turquoise water.

  22. Indah sekali mba, apalagi airnya bersih banget gitu

  23. karbo ketemu karbo ya mbak makanannya :-D
    Allhamdulillah bisa kerja sekalian mengunjungi tempat2 wisata eh gak wisata sih tapi daear2 yang ada di Indonesia ya mbak

  24. Duuuuh, Ambon. Salah satu destinasi wisata impianku yang lainnya. Air pantainya bkin pengen nyebur. Makanan-makannannya menggoda. Semoga bisa jalan-jalan ke sana suatu saat. :D

  25. Bening-bening banget itu air nya ya mbak..mbak indah nggak sekalian ke Ora Beach nya? Kayaknya pantai-pantai di Maluku banyak yang cantik :)

  26. MasyaAllah. Indonesia. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I really want to visit Ambon so bad. Liang beach is truly another hidden paradise. So beautiful.

  27. Masyaallah...indah banget lautnya. Airnya bagai jambrut, Indonesia love banget

  28. It looks like a true paradise! I hope I get the chance to visit also some day!

  29. I'd love to go there. It looks so wonderful! The colors of the water, the food, everything!

  30. Ambooonnn, foto-fotonya mamabo dan semua yang diceritakan, jadi pengin sampai sana untuk bisa melihat bumiNya. Aku iri sama bonekanya, pengin bisa masuk tas juga trus dibawa kemana mamabo pergi. <3


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