WW: Dunia Fantasi, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dunia Fantasi time!
Fantasy World, or Dunia Fantasi  is one of of the legendary theme parks in Indonesia.
Why legendary? because it's the first of its kind that we have in my beloved country.
Well, we don't have the world-chain theme parks here like Disney, Universal, Legoland or similar things but we love our Dufan.

It was open back in 1985 and continue to be improved and developed up until now.
It has new, improved rides and entertainment centers.

Let's have fun together!

And after all those years, I was coming back here with my brothers and our kids.
Our mini family reunion!
I was super happy to spend such a memorable time with my family.
Here are a few snaps from our trip, before sharing more details about the trip itself.

Dufan Mysterious Island
The three of us..My brothers, Ari and Ajay, and I

Istana Bonekaaaaa..like it's a small world after all :)

Untang Anting Duni Fantasi
Join us up here :)

lining up for Istana Boneka :)

See you inside :)

cute penguin inside of Istana Boneka :)

Halilintar...just like a giant drop to me :)

Our happy entourage :)

the flying carousel ..

one purple corner..

So, how do you like Dufan?
Wanna join me here?
What a lovely day we spent at Dunia Fantasi!

Happy to be back here again.. soon.

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  1. Aduh, aku menyesal kemaren diajak ke Dufan nggak mau :( Padahal jarang banget ke Jakarta. Mikirnya juga udah gede ngapain ke sana. Ternyata seru juga ya

    1. seru bangeeet Mba...dan aku malah sudah ibu-ibu hehehe

  2. Saya memang akan suka Dufan! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  3. Serasa balik jadi anak-anak deh kalau di dufan, lama banget ga kesana. Tapi tetep ga berani naek wahana yang serem-serem :D

  4. Dufan tjakep ya skrg, wahananya jg makin seru, aku mau ajak anak2ku kesana hihihi..

    1. bangeeet Mba..dan asyik nya tuh selalu ada yang baruuu

  5. Waaahhh aku loh belum ke sini sama sekali. Sejak dulu pengeb ke Dufan belum keturutan... liat dong tapi seru ya!

  6. What nice fun photo's I lurrrve going on fun rides

    Thanks for all the smiles

    Havee a tanfastical week :-)

  7. Amusement parks are always fun! This looks like a good one.

    1. it is! Lots of great rides that my family and I enjoy soooo much, Robin

  8. Waah aku udh lama banget ngga ke Dufan. Pengen juga kesana lagi sama anak-anak 😍😍

  9. aku pusing naik posi-poci mbak, enakkan naik rollercoster aja :-D

  10. Udah banyak perubahan ya sekarang Dufan, dulu belum ada istana warna warni gitu. Dufan memang ga pernah basi walau kita udah berkali-kali kesana :D

  11. Waaah, Dufan! Saya baru sekali ke Dufan, itupun waktu SMP, yang mana itu sekitar 20 tahunan yang lalu. Yang paling berkesan sih waktu itu Kora-Kora sama Istana Boneka. Jadi pengen ke sana lagi ih...

  12. Terakhir kesini pas Tornado baru ada tahun 2011 kalau ga salah hahaha sekarang udah ga pernah lagikesana nunggu anak2 besar aja deh :)

  13. Looks like you really had some fun :)

  14. Wah...udah lama banget ga ke dufan...kira2 kalau sekarang masih berani ga ya ... ?????

  15. Such a fun amusement parks, but I skip those rides that go round and round. They always make my tummy queasy!

  16. Dufan is the best ya Mbak.
    Ke sana harus ramai-ramai biar hepi dan serunya juga rameee....

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