Meet Pirates of the Caribbean at Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Who love Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean here?
I really do :).

I have been such a big fan of Johnny Depp since I don't know when.
Perhaps way back before Edward Scissorhands or 21 Jump Street.
But for sure, Pirates of the Caribbean series are one of my favorite movie series with Johnny in it.

And I was super lucky to get to the set of the first movie, Pirates of the Caribbean - the Curse of the Black Pearl, when I visited St. Vincent and the Grenadines in May 2017.
I know it's been almost a year now but I haven't really shared the stories.
My bad :).

Wallilabou Bay, that's the name of the Bay that has been used as the set of Port Royal. Remember the scene when Elizabeth Swann was kidnapped by the pirates, Pintel and Ragetti, from her father's mansion? Also when Jack Sparrow was jailed and later on helped by Will Turner to escape? Or when Jack Sparrow was about to hang in one of the arch stones in Port Royal, where you saw lines of hanged pirates' skeletons in the beginning of the movie? Those are some of the scenes made in this very Bay.

When I heard that Wallilabou Bay was used as the movie set of the first movie of the Pirates of the Caribbean, I didn't think twice in deciding to go here, even after spending my whole morning till lunch time swimming and snorkeling in Bequai. Being Johnny Depp's huge fan, I felt like I have to see this place! 

So as soon as I got out of the ferry which took me from Bequai, I called our rented taxi to pick us up and take me to the Bay. My friend Tina, who went to Bequai with me, was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel directly, so I went to the Bay myself. 

It took me around 40 minutes to go here from the port in Kingstown, St. Vincent, where I took the ferry to and from Bequai. Along the way, as we drove up to the mountainous area and down to the Bay, the view was fantastic. We passed a great view here and there as we climbed up  just to go down to the bay area.

And as we arrived, it was only me there!
With two pirates standing tall at the gate.
Felt like having this bay for myself.

So, besides meeting Pirates of the Caribbean at Wallilabou Bay, St. Vincent and The Grenadines, you will also enjoy the breathtaking view.
That's the first thing that stole my attention.
The clear blue sky, crystal water, glittering sun and the breeze!
What a beautiful bay.
Like the ones that I tried to capture on my photos.

You see that arching rock in the back? That's where they planned to hang Jack Sparrow :)

Don't miss the 'mini museum' they have here as well.
Well, not really a museum but more like the place where they put some of the properties left from the movie set. We have some photos and mementos as well there.

Port Royal in the back :)

They put photos of the main actors and the crew as well.
Not to forget the costumes and other properties such as coffins, old phones and Victorian home accents.
It's fun to see them there.

Meet Jack :)

What's left from the movie set :)

My driver told me that Johnny loved St. Vincent & the Grenadines so much, especially the food, that he even had one special chef from St. Vincent and the Grenadines who stayed with him  after the movie was done. 

Well, there is a bar near the area as well and we took some times to sip some local soda and fried finger food while enjoying the breeze.

It was a great visit to the Bay to meet Jack Sparrow!
So, if you're around and a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean just like me, don't miss Wallilabou Bay.

Till next story :).


  1. Mirip2 kepulauan seribu mbak. Aihhh itu covin property film atau beneran?

    1. iyaaa mba Ratu...itu properti film :)..I will be afraid to see the real one..

  2. Woow, lucky you visited all places n other things where n when the movie was done. (forget about my English, dear Indah.) The scenes were so beautiful. Btw I watched E.Scissorshands with JD in it but not The Pirates from the Carribean. I thought u took Chef from there on your back home...l.o.l.

    1. You should watch Johny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Bundaaa..he's brilliant!

  3. Johny Depp memang top banget ya. Bagus tempat syutingnya

  4. MasyaAllah it's so beautiful. A quiet, clean, and beauty place, what a perfect combination. In the film of Jack Sparrow there's a mystic situation at the beach and the land. Do you feel that mystic too? Thanks for sharing Mba' Indah. :)

    1. Not really was quite yes, but nothing our of ordinary :)

  5. I love Jack Sparrow, lucky you can meet pirates thr carribbean and beatiful place like that. Love that.

  6. Me! Me, love Capt. Jack Sparrow l. I named my fish Jack Sparrow as well. Haha.

    How lucky you are, mba Indah. Wish I could go and visit Wallilabou Bay. Awesome!

  7. I love Jack Sparrow too, the clever captain with unique attitude, he alwyas make me smile haha

  8. Ya ampun pengen nyebur rasanya. Ini tempat khusus syuting aja mba :O kerennyaaaaa

  9. How incredibly cool! I am definitely adding Wallilabou Bay to my travel bucket list! Looks like quite an adventurous place to explore.

  10. I never saw the movies, but the set looks so interesting.

  11. Was it only you when you came and visited? Nice

  12. Wah asyik banget ya kalau main ke sana, film paporit saya ini mah :D

  13. Jadi mengkhayal, berharap bisa ketemu Johnny Depp di sana hehehe

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