Wonderful Wednesday with Oh My Heartsie Girls

Another week and February is coming!
31 days of 2018 is gone already and I have already fallen into the trap of our daily routines, so are the kids. 
The UN meetings are back to normal, as planned.

Overlooking the Long Island City from the 4th floor of the UN Headquarters

So I found myself once again running around those corridors and meeting rooms. Well, the last 6 months I have in NYC before heading back home to Jakarta  for good :). Can't wait to meet my family and enjoy beautiful beaches, pronto, at my hometown, Lampung.

this is in Antigua and Barbuda, which pretty much reminding me of Lampung 

We are still enjoying winter down here in NYC and the weather, as you have know, is a bit on et off. We do have some rather warm days, while the rests are freezing. Perfect time to start packing :). Just got all those boxes at Home Depot.

At the same time, we are bidding farewell to some UN friends as well, particularly the big ASEAN Family. This time we have Sera from Brunei Darussalam and we welcome 'new blood' as well, as we call it.

I hope next week will be much warmer as I have a long list of places to explore. Wish us luck, okay. And now, let's party!

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  1. It's been off and on cold here. Yesterday and today it snowed, so more cold than warm. I hope you have fun venturing out of NY.

  2. Have fun in NYC, hope enjoye your day before go back to Lampung, ehe. :)

  3. There's nothing like home sweet home!
    Have lots of fun before your trip back to Indonesia, sweet lady.

  4. welcome back to Indonesia mbak :) Siapa tau kita bs ketemuan yah ^_^

  5. pasti seru banget pengalaman 6 bulan di NYC ya mbak indah.

    1. hahahaa...setelah hampir 4 tahun di sini? pastinyaaa

  6. I hope your last 6 months are enjoyable for you and you are able to squeeze in some last minute fun before heading home! Stay warm, friend!

  7. winternya betah! enjoy NYC while you can..

  8. Where is the party? I can't see the linky ... ;) My post for this week:
    Thank you for hosting.

  9. love is in the air...saw those linkies for Valentine's day!

  10. Aku lihat foto awanny itu kayak kapan... Pemandangannya cantiikkk


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