Brighten Up My Office

Winter is surely coming!

NYC has been super cold this week, getting to subzero temperature and crazy, freezing wind. On et off with a bit of sunny days that keep our hopes up, although then it obviously gets colder again.
Well, time to stay cozy inside and that goes with my work as well.

We are already back to our full-year calendar meetings here at the UN  but I do have some times to stay at the office.
As always, whenever I got a chance, I try to brighten up my office.
Making it as cozy as I can.

The messy corner I called office :)

So, instead of being buried under those stacks of documents and reports, I decided to take out my vintage collection and some extra purple stuff.

You know I have been hoarding a lot of vintage items while visiting Pocono, Pennsylvania, right. Well, I guess I haven't shared my story on that LOL.

As I look at some of these collection that I have at the office, I know I can put them together with some of my eclectic stuff.

This time around, I put my old globe light next to the classic pill box I got from Moscow.
As I love colors so much, I have my ondel-ondel Jakarta from home and this cute colorful photo frame from Nicaragua plus NYC mini snow globe as well.

On the other side, I put my old radio side by side with the antique look table clock and my NYC landmarks postcard collection.
It's a bit full here as I got 2 pack of postcards, mini mirror from Nicaragua(I have a few apparently) and a vintage tine box from Sprûngli, Switzerland.

I really do love the radio. 
Although it's no longer working, but I reminds me of my childhood when I had my late grandpa turning on the radio every morning back home in Lampung, Indonesia, to hear BBC News relayed in Bahasa Indonesia.
Sweet memories! 

As for the pillow, I choose Obi's favorite owl design from Ikea that I got probably in 2015.
I need a good one as I sit a lot while working on my reports and draft statements.

Then I tidy up my sofa!
It's an old one indeed but I just throw some of my tenun fabrics from Indonesia, the one shown here are Tais and Tenun Roteng from East Nusa Tenggara, plus some embroidery from Mexico and  and it looks way much better.
I love the perfect size of this sofa in my room and although it's worn out, it still feels comfortable.

How do you like my sofa now?

But my favorite is indeed my purple bouquet!
I bought them fresh and I didn't throw them away because they got dried beautifully.
So, I keep them and try to rearrange them in one of my mugs.

purple power :)

I eventually have to throw them away after some times so I guess it will be better if I get those beautiful silk flowers for my room. 
Do you like silk flowers as well?

they look real :)
We use a lot of artificial trees and silk flowers in many parts of my office, particularly the banquet hall where we often host special occasions. They look pretty indeed.

one corner with that cute tree!

And I come across those silk plants from silkplantdirect and instantly in love!
They have huge collection that can cater your every need.
Artificial trees, silk flowers in so many color and various kinds, including topiary in different forms. They have various palms,  and different kinds of containers as well
You can put them on the wall, in the pots, on the table or hang them. 
Plenty of choices we have here!

So, with a little change here and there, I manage to brighten up my messy office :).
As colorful as can be, it feels much more like my favorite spot (but not for the never ending works though :))

Do you decorate your working space as well?
What's you favorite theme or accent?

Disclaimer: I have been facilitated to write this article. Nevertheless, all the opinion are strictly my own and I sincerely hope this post will be beneficial for my readers.


  1. Your office is so cozy and inviting. I love all of the warm tones you have in there. And that cow picture is awesome!

  2. vintage and colors! fun place..

  3. it looks like a mini museum :). So colorful

    1. hahaha so true..I keep hoarding those cute vintage items

  4. warna-warni banget mba..pasti jadi betah ya

  5. Vintage sekalii mama boo..cozy abiss pokoknyaa

  6. It is look real!, love it!. Btw, suka liat pojok kerjanya mba InSav, messy dikit tapi lucuk, segerrr..

  7. sofamu stole my heart, sista hahaha

  8. Aku juga pecinta radio :)
    Tiada hari tanpa radio, dan wajib ada di working space dan kamar tidurku.
    Love your working space. So vintage ��

  9. huwaaahhhh purple di mana2 *love

  10. Pasti betah berlama-lama lihat suasananya senyaman ini.

  11. Tetep yaa yg ungu2 ga boleh ketinggalan
    Sofanya asik banget sih mbaaa..:

  12. Nice setting! Love the vintage items..

  13. at least those plants don't need watering :))))

  14. klasik.. kangen, udah lama gak muter2 frekuensi!

  15. It's all so fun to get new things. I need to work on making my office nicer.


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