Saint Lucia at a Glimpse

Back to traveling!
Ready to see Saint Lucia at a Glimpse?
#MyItchyFeet is taking me around the globe again.
Super happy and blessed to come back to wonderful spots in the Caribbean this time!
Never thought I will get back to these amazing destinations so soon!

Remember my excellent transit at Barbados?
Read about my trip Barbados in Great Places to See in Barbados in 4 Hours.

After visiting Trinidad and Tobago (for a short transit), Barbados as well as  St. Vincent and the Grenadines last May, I was privileged to visit this beautiful region again!  
Lucky me indeed.
This time I have Saint Lucia as well as Antigua and Barbuda.
Although I came here for work, I have to admit I was super excited when I found out at the very last minute (well, around 7 days before my trip) that I would take this official trip with some high level delegates from Jakarta.

Originally, we have 4 countries on the list, which are St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica and the Bahamas. But the trip to Jamaica and the Bahamas were suspended until January 2018 due to the conflicting schedule. I was so ready to hop on and off on those beautiful island countries, but even with 2 countries, it was  still a great visit.

So, let me share my trip to St. Lucia first.

We had an early morning to Castries, St. Lucia, at 6 AM from LaGuardia Airport.

We flew with American Airlines via Miami and after around 6 hours flying plus 2 hours transitbtime, we welcomed ourselves to Castries, the capital of St. Lucia.

Even before landing, the view from above is breathtaking!

I have strategically position myself on the window seat and I just couldn’t stop taking pictures! Don't blame me for that :).

Don't you just want to jump to that ocean :)

Fluffy clouds, crystal clear turquoise water and dotting islands are perfect combination that would certainly attract people’s attention. Guess I’m not the only one taking snaps of this amazing vista.

As we landed at the International airport at around  4 PM, we were rushed to the VIP lounge and waited for a while as we had our immigration process and bags were taken care of. Then after that, we werebrushed to the Prime Minister residence for the meeting, followed by the Foreign Minister. It was indeed a super productive day, and exhausting at the same time.

That's why we headed to our hotel right after the meeting and it was 9 PM already :).

We stayed at Capella Marigot Bay and it was indeed a great place to stay.
I have this huge 1-bedroom suite for myself and I was super happy!
One of the perks of traveling in official trip is I got this top-notch accommodation and local transportation to facilitate the work.
And Capella Marigot Bay is indeed a five-star hotel :).
I had a good rest and woke up with a lovely view!

The room, the amenities and the view from my balcony :)

When I woke up the next day, I took the liberty to stroll around the hotel and to Marigot Bay. Waking up to such a wonderful view is a great mood booster, I have to admit. Even after non-stop meetings directly from our trip ex New York City, I felt super fresh looking at the plush green of the mountains and that wonderful bay.

So, I took the liberty to take my morning stroll around Marigot Bay and swim at its huge pool.

Marigot Bay is beautifully stretched around the and it's famous for being the movie set for Dr. DoLittle :). Remember that funny movies starred by Eddy Murphy? Well, overlooking the Caribbean sea, Marigot Bay is indeed beautiful and has serves as the hurricane hole to provide shelter for boats during those stormy days. And It is also historical as the French and British Navies had been fighting over this beautiful island in the past several times. I have to say I wouldn't blame the Brits and French to fight over this piece of paradise!

Marigot Bay, seen from the port 

indah nuria savitri

Saint Lucia
The other side of the Bay

Done with my morning stroll, we all went for the early lunch at the Pink Plantation.
What a great place indeed!.
As we stepped into this historical house turned into an art gallery and restaurant, I instantly fell in love with the architecture and the colors!
Let's take a look at some pictures I took here.
I felt at home directly.

The Pink Plantation. Don't you just love it!
Now you can see why I can't stop admiring this beautiful restaurant.
The dinnerware, the setting, the flowers, the architectures..everything is perfect!

Not to mention another breathtaking view and delicious food using local and fresh produce and ingredients they have here!
We tried the famous local grill catch of the day, Barracuda it was for me, with fried plantain and hot pepper sauce, my favorite!

They also serve salad, tamarind glazed shrimp kebab (local way of cooking) as well as smoked herring and breadfruit.
I got my delicious blend of St. Lucia local soup of the day and the grilled Barracuda.

Don't miss the Pink Plantation is you manage to visit St. Lucia!

Another great thing about the Pink Plantation is that it is also an art gallery. 

Michelle Elliot, the owner as well as the artist, displays and sells her wonderful art works here at the Restaurant. You know exactly I go berserk looking at all these lovely artworks.
I took home one big decorative plate, depicting the colonial houses in St. Lucia, one medium plate in purple and 4 mat places.

 One last thing abut why you can not miss the Pink Plantation is the  amazing view from its white, classic wooden porch!

Look at these photos and tell me what you think.

And finally, after such an amazing lunch, we headed to the Governor General's residence near the restaurant.

Again, here we were honored to be received by the Governor General herself, Honorable Dame Pearly Louisy.
Unsurprisingly, her elegant, colonial-inspired architecture residence has amazing vista overlooking the island and the Caribbean sea. We took the liberty to take some snaps while waiting for her.

With the Governor General of St. Lucia, Honorable Dame Pearly Lousy

So, that's my 2-day visit to St. Lucia.
Apparently it was not very touristy as I missed many popular spots such as the rain forest and the volcano. Too bad that on the second day we were there the rain was pouring very hard and we couldn't go anywhere making a quick trip to the already-closed-but-reopen souvenir shop and  stay in our hotel for dinner. The next morning we have to catch our early morning flight to Antigua and Barbuda. But Saint Lucia at a glimpse is wonderful!

Here's a short video I made for the trip to St. Lucia :)

Short but sweet,  my trip to St. Lucia is unforgettable indeed.
I might not get the chance to properly explore this beautiful country but enjoying what I can in the middle of my official visit has been a wonderful experience for sure.
I know I want to go back here again.
Next time, on holiday with my loved ones!

Have you been to the Caribbean? 
Which island you love and if you haven't which one that you want to visit?


  1. Beautiful country, wonderful food at the pink plantation..

  2. Mama Bo, asik bgt panorama Marigot Bay yg view dr port itu. Laut dan Langitnya membius

  3. what a breathtaking viewwww... kerennn bgt mba InSav...

    1. Can't get enough of it mbaaa...wherever you go it is breathtaking indeed

  4. I'd love to visit the Pink Plantation. The artwork is really lovely and the views are breathtaking!

  5. Ya Allah what great view mbaaa. Masya Allah cakepnya ya. Yg dari plane.. ih keren^^

  6. You gotta take me here indeed! Plunging myself to the sea will be heaven!

    1. We should go back here, Bo..ask Bapak et obi to tag along..

  7. So many things to see indeed! And I love to see that crystal blue water..

  8. Saint Lucia looks like a great place to visit. It reminds me of beautiful beaches in Bali

  9. Woow, what a great experience you have had travelling around that beautiful place(s). The scenes are awesome. Btw, Indah, why didn't you call me to accompany you instead of being alone in that such a huge 1 bedroom 4 looking fwd to seeing sometime in Indonesia. #onehope

    1. Thank you Bunda..wish I could take you with me :). Hope to see you soon in Indonesia

  10. Subhanallah..indahnya mba
    saya ga paham banget liat foto fotonya saya berdecak kagum
    tp itu ada tampilan seperti warung warung ..seperti di indonesia juga ya

  11. OMG! viewnya !!!
    Sekilas aku merasa melihat pulau dewata lewat gambar - gambar yang dibagikan diartikel ini mbak.

    1. I know right..that's why I said it's sooo reminding me of Indonesia

  12. The best quality and resolution on streaming movies and entertainment, this requires a slightly more powerful line.

  13. First time in St Lucia and I may truthfully the areas had been a beautiful shock.


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