Breathtaking View at the Governor General's Resident in St. Lucia

I was super lucky indeed!
During my last visit to St. Lucia, we were honored to have the opportunity to meet the Governor General of St. Lucia, the Honorable Dame Pearly Louisy.
She is such a lovely, gracious lady.
And after the meeting, we managed to take a little tour to enjoy the breathtaking view at the Governor General's Resident in St. Lucia, although it was cloudy and rainy at that day.

St. Lucia

Here'e a little peek, before I came back with more stories from the Helen of the West Indies.
I took them all with y iPhone 7 Plus.

St. Lucia
I love this porch!
 And hopefully a little selfie won't hurt :)

It is a lovely residence indeed!

And I was honored to have a little picture with the Honorable Governor General herself.

the Governor General of St. Lucia
With Dame Pearly Louisy, the Governor General of St. Lucia

It was indeed a great experience there at St. Lucia.
Do you like enjoying the view from the top like this?
Where is your favorite place?

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  1. Dear Indah,
    Thank you heartily for the lovely comment you left on ~ My little old world ~ - I sincerely appreciate it - and for this stunning post of yours, as well !

    Sending blessings of joy on your weekend,
    I'm following you with joy

    XOXO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

    1. Dearest Dany.. thank you for visiting me back and happy to do the same and wishing you a wonderful weekend and holiday season :)

  2. mendung aja cantik! beautiful view..

  3. Cakep ya mbaaa... Aku suka semuanyaaa Hihi...fresh pakai ungu

  4. Mbak, dulu punya perangko St. Lucia, I wonder di mana sebetulnya negara ini..., mulai ngeh deh sekarang..
    lihat foto teras residence itu langsung ngecek foto cagar budaya gedung PLN Gambir di tulisanku dulu, merasa ada kemiripan tiang terasnya...

    1. mirip ya mba..itu memang gaya Colonial..khas Inggris

  5. Liat pemandangan dr ketinggian memang asik yaa, thats why video drone skrg tuh hits bgt. Dan aku klo nginep di hotel selalu suka klo dikasi kmr yg di lt tinggi. Nah, kalo punya rumah dg view kayak di postinganmu ini luar biasa sekali pastii

    1. hahaha kalau punya rumah di sini pastinya epic banget pemandangannya noe

  6. Even with the stormy skies, it is such a gorgeous place to visit. I am sure you loved every minute of your stay there.

  7. the house is fantastic! With the view to kill!

  8. It must be awesome to be the Governor general :)


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