Flatiron in Black and White

I got a chance to stroll around Flatiron at Lower Manhattan last weekend.
I haven't been there for a long time indeed.

Then I got so tempted to snap this famous NYC landmark and edit it in black and white.
Even though the sky is blue.
And cold.

It was cold...yet busy Sunday for New Yorkers.
And tourists.
Like me :).

Do you like Black and white sky...or the original blue?

Join us on Skywatch Friday and have fun looking at those magnificent skies from different corner of the world.


  1. cakep banget gedungnya, uniiik ya mbak...

  2. even though its in the present it looks like its from different time periods

  3. Khasnya NYC ya.. di mana ini?

  4. I love the perspectives on your shots. So pretty!

  5. Suka yg original, lbh suka langit biru soalnyaa hihi

  6. Aku refleks mendongak lihat pencakar langit itu hhahaahahaa....

  7. I really like it in black and white. It give it such a classic, old timey feel.


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