Throwback Tuesday: A Day in Milano

Time for another Throwback Tuesday!
This time my snaps from my second visit to Italy and first time visit to Milano.

And Bo was still a cute toddler.
This is the city where Bo first learned to run, chasing the doves :).

It was back in 2008, when I was posted in Geneva, Switzerland, for my first assignment.
My mom stayed with us for 6 months and we managed to travel around whenever we had time. 
I remember  vividly that it was our first Easter Break trip in Europe.
Good thing about Easter Break in Europe is that it lasts for 4 days.
Yuup..Friday to Monday it is.
And we practically stayed in the central of the continent, where traveling around Western European countries are super easy.
We took the liberty to visit Lugano and Mendrisio in Switzerland, before heading to Milan and stayed day for a day.

First destination:  the Duomo.
The one in Milano is the third largest Gothic cathedral in the world and many have been captivated by its intricate details. 
When we went there, the Cathedral was undergoing quite a major renovation.

The next stop was Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II.
Window shopping only  it was, as we had just had a crazy shopping session at Mendrisio Factory Outlet :).

We went to Castello Sforzesco, an imposing architecture full of history as well.

 And as I said, this is the place where Bo started running around chasing the birds.
The flocking birds around those magnificent buildings!

That's my #throwbacktuesday.
What's your wonderful memories today?

p.s : I will keep my Throwback Tuesday features but will post it every Wednesday or Thursday :).


  1. Milan is so far away but beautiful!

  2. This trip is almost 10 years ago, I guess. wow I wonder you're such a good person in keeping your traveling picture.

    1. It was indeed...I'm pretty much help by Facebook photo album

    2. Facebook itu kawan yang baik sekali :)

    3. iyaaa bener banget mbaaa Mugniar :)

  3. Cuma bisa berkata dengan menahan nafas: when can i get there :'

  4. Fotonya lucu. :D Belakangnya bisa ngeblur gitu. Unik. :D

  5. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Very beautiful place to explore!

  6. Wahh jdi kemimpi mimpi nih, kapan yah bisa ikut cekrek cekrek di sini hehehe..lengkap ma seluruh anggota family mb pas ke sini nya ya?

  7. I remembered our first road trip in Europe and Milan is such a beautiful city!

  8. So cute. Bo was just a newbie to the world.


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