Summer Days at Liberty Island

Puffy clouds on summer days?
Why not..

We just went to Liberty Statue and Ellis Island last week and here's what Downtown Manhattan looks like from the Liberty island.

And of course the magnificent Iron Lady, Lady Liberty.

Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy the magnificent sky 
from many corners of the world


  1. very nice cloud...
    kita awal bulan kemaren ke liberty... penuhnya dengan lautan manusia. seneng sih udah bisa ke liberty, tapi kapok kalo disuruh kesana lagi. hahaha.

    salam kenal ya!

  2. I wish i could be there, someday. Aamiiin 🙏

  3. As always ur pict very cool mba :)
    Kapan ya bisa kesini hehhehe someday y mba ga ada yang ga mungkin soalnya hehehe

  4. How sweet to be a cloud floating in the blue!

  5. The clouds look so fluffy and dream like. I love them.

    That's a great photo of the Statue of Liberty.

  6. Look at the blue sky and fluffy clouds. That's what I would call a perfect sky!

  7. Biru bgt langitnya. Btw potonya pake kamera apa mbak?


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