Cloudy Grey in Québec City

Have I told you that we are in the middle of our Spring break trip?

That's right!
After all those endless works, I think I deserve to have a break and here we are again!

Before I told you more details on our recent trip, here's a little snap of the greyish cloud we get in Québec City.

Join us on Skywatch Friday and be ready to be astonished by magnificent sky from the around the world!


  1. cloudy cloudy.... :D.. berasa dinginnya... tipe cuaca yg aku sukaa.. :D.. drpd panas, aku jauuuuuh lbh suka cuaca dingin mendung begini :D

    1. Tapi ini dingiiiin banget mbak hehehe.. minus 5 dan freezing

  2. Hope those gray skies aren't ruining the trip! Though, sometimes gray skies can be very pretty!

  3. I do hope you get some sunshine in your pockets. Ha! It's still pretty though.

  4. aaaaah cantik banget tempatnya mbak


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