An Afternoon at Midtown Manhattan

How's your week?

I just had my monthly visit to my oncologist and as the weather is getting warmer and friendlier here ini NYC, I decided to walk from my office at 38th Street to NYU Clinical Cancer Center at the 34th and 3rd Avenue, Midtown Manhattan.

Along the way, I just enjoyed my walk and occasionally looked up to enjoy the brilliant blue sky! And as you have probably well predicted, I took the liberty to snap it with my phone.

Those are some of them, with no filter no edit, just fresh from my iPhone 6S plus :).
But the photo down here was taken in the morning as I took the lower part of  Queensboro Bridge and say Chrysler Building, the same as the one above, from the other side.

How do you like your sky today?
Join us on Skywatch Friday and enjoy majestic sky from many corners of the world 


  1. Those blue skies are gorgeous!

  2. Blue skies and hopefully the promise of warm spring weather on the horizon!

  3. stay healthy! And enjoy the sky..

  4. awannya cerah banget ya, pasti udaranya terasa hangat ya mba... :)

  5. I hope all is well health wise. Dealing with the monthly visits must be annoying, but certainly important. What a beautiful trip to see the doctor.

  6. Warna2 gedung itu ya mbak, concrete, steele jadi terlihat dingin.


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