Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2016

We're back!

Making Strides against breast cancer is here again!

Beautiful October, #breastcancerawareness month, and we happily march again to honor those fighting and surviving breast cancer, as well as those whose lives have been touched by it.

And I am joining this great stride again.

So honored!
Utterly happy!

Together with my team, Indonesia Ceria and Beyond, we are walking in one of the most beautiful spots in NYC, Central Park, on Sunday, 16 October 2016.

It's my 3rd time and third time is a charm indeed!

Super excited indeed.
I was super happy as well as my hubby and my son, Bo, managed to join me this year.

the three of us :)
I am again lucky to have many friends joining the walk and support this great cause. This time around I have Madame Lista Damayanti Djani, my Ambassador's wife, and dearest friends from the Indonesian Permanent Mission to the UN as well as the Consulate General here in NYC. It was the 12 of us that day.

I arrived quite early, before 8 AM.
After registering my team, Indonesia Ceria and Beyond, I was waiting for my team members. At the same time, we were enjoying the full entertainment on the stage as well as meeting some survivors in Survivor Village, and shopping at the Pink Boutique 😇. All the proceeds will benefit

Then at 8.30, we all lined up for the walk. It was packed with people.
Young and old, survivors and fighters, men and women, boys and girls, as well as cute pets were marching along.

We again went around the Central Park.
Such a beautiful place indeed for a walk with a great cause.
The walk started from the Bandshell on 72nd and heading to the 110th on the west side before heading back to where we started.

Like last year, we walked around 5 miles with our team. I know it's quite a long walk but we made it! 5 miles walking was quite an exercise, at least for me :).

Our route that morning :)

After walking 5 miles, my legs hurt!
But again, to me, it's not just walking.
It's way more beyond that!

we made it! yeaaah..
With every step I took on that day, I put more courage and faith inside my heart that we all can #finishthefight.

So, just like what they send me on my email:
"Why do you walk? So that no one walks alone.
You walk with us because we all share a destination, to end the pain and suffering caused by breast cancer.
You walk with us in support of the survivors, as well as the ones we've lost. You walk for yourself and for the ones you'll never know. And you walk for the ones you hope that you'll never have to walk for.
When we stand shoulder to shoulder, we all walk for each other. When you join our family of supporters, you give strength to the American Cancer Society and to all of us in fighting this disease."
We walk so no one walks alone in one's fight against cancer!
And if you would like to help me fighting cancer, bergabung dengan kampanye melawan kanker payudara!
Caranya gampang banget..ikutan Giveaways aku yaaa. check out this link!

Masih ada waktu untuk ikutan #giveaways #kampanye #finishthefight #gopink #breastcancerawareness lhoooo. 

Bertabur hadiah istimewa untuk teman-teman yang berkenan ikut pastinyaaa :). 

Hope you all can join me :)


  1. This part really moves me:

    "You walk with us in support of the survivors, as well as the ones we've lost. You walk for yourself and for the ones you'll never know. And you walk for the ones you hope that you'll never have to walk for".

    So inspiring...

  2. Rosanna said it perfectly. That quote is so inspiring. The walk is a great way to show solidarity in the cause.

    1. indeed Theresa..I am always moved whenever I have the walk or any activities related to the campaign :). Thanks for your support as well..

  3. Nah ini aku hanya bisa mangut-mangut. Semoga menang deh.

    1. hehehe..kok memang siiih :)...aku yang buat GAnya hehehehe

  4. I think it is wonderful that you are doing this. We NEED to find a cure.

    1. Indeed,'s not an easy thing to do but we all can make it! #togetherwecan :)

  5. it's good to be with all the survivors!

  6. *pegangan tangan you'll never walk alone :*

    1. Iyaaa chaaa... There will always be others supporting you :)

  7. always happy to support! Keep the fighting spirit..

  8. saya masih roaming nih kalau baca tulisan bule gini,, dulu belajarnya gk serius sih.. :) hehe

  9. Walking 5 miles..??? Amazing for a woman..
    if I usually run away 5 miles every week.. hehe..

  10. Breast cancer patients are not alone. We should always support events such as this one to show support and awareness among women on how breast cancer should be fought. This kind of activity will serve as a great resource for college students currently researching about breast cancer.

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